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The Blackboard Grade Center

The Blackboard Grade Center has many features and tools.  Listed here are the most basic features that will enable you to get started.

Where is the Grade Center?

You'll find the Grade Center in the Control Panel (beneath the Course Menu). Click on Grade Center then Full Grade Center.

(In order for your students to see their grades you need to “show” the My Grades link in the course menu by using the drop-down menu to the right of the item “My Grades” and choosing Show Link – a course menu item is hidden from students if there is a square with a slash through it next to the menu item name.)

Columns for Tests, Assignments, Graded Discussion Forums etc.

When a Test (Quiz or Essay) is deployed, an Assignment (formerly a UAS Online Task) is created or a Discussion Forum is set to be graded, a column is automatically created in the Grade Center. You can modify attributes of this column (change categories, include or exclude from calculations, hide or show to students etc.

Making your own Columns

Create your own Columns for anything that is graded offline.

  • At the top of the Full Grade Center choose "Create Column"
  • Give the Column a name and points and choose options. Note - points are required (but not displayed) even if you choose to make this a letter graded column.

Modifying Columns

In the Column header, click on the drop-down menu to the right of the Column name and choose "Edit Column Information". Edit or Change your Column

Organizing your Columns

  • At the top of the Full Grade Center move your cursor over the Manage menu and choose "Column Organization"
  • To the left of every entry is a double-headed arrow. Drag these to change the order of your columns
  • Click Submit to save your changes

WARNING - "Column Organization" also lets you hide Columns. This will hide it only from you not your students. To hide columns from Students you must use the drop-down menu to the right of the column name in the Full Grade Center and choose "Show/Hide to Users".  If a column is hidden from students you will still see it but there will a circle with red slash next to the column name.

Creating Categories

Create Categories in the Full Grade Center by choosing Manage and then Categories.  Tests, Assignments, and Discussions are automatically placed in those categories but you can move them to different categories.

Detailed Instructions: Creating and Managing Categories (pdf)

Changing Category for a Column

There are two ways to change the Category of a Column.

  • In the Full Grade Center, click on the drop-down menu next to the Column name and Choose Edit Column Information
  • Go to Manage and Column Organization. Check the box next to columns you wish to change then scroll to the top and choose change Category To".

Creating a Weighted Total

You can create/edit the Weighted Total column to reflect the grading scheme in your syllabus.  You can weight by category, by item, or a combination.  In each category you can select to drop lowest grades etc.

Detailed Instructions: Creating a Weighted Total (pdf)



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