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Importing Static and Dated Assignments and Announcements

Static and dated Announcements and Assignments that are exported from UAS Online will be imported into Blackboard as HTML (web) pages. That is, each separate Announcement or Assignment will be an individual HTML page, including any formatting, images, links etc.  Webliography and Bibliography are treated in the same way. Links to these pages will be located in the Course Content area inside separate folders.

It will not be possible to edit these online.  In the long run you will want to recreate your Static and Dated Assignments as Blackboard "Items". A Blackboard "Item" can contain text, images, links, attached files, etc. and may be posted in any Content Area or Folder.

To add an Item:

  • Browse on your Blackboard course site to the appropriate Content Area or Folder
  • From the Build Content menu choose "Item"
  • Give your item a Name, Description and attach files, Submit

Depending on how you have used the UAS Online Announcements in the past, you may want to use Blackboard Announcements or you may want to post "Items" as described above.

More details and step-by-step instructions:

Importing Static and Dated Announcements or Assignments (pdf)

Creating a Blackboard "Item" (pdf)


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