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Importing the UAS Online Webliography and Bibliography

Both the Webliography and Bibliography can be imported into your Blackboard course - each as a single HTML page. It will be located in the imported Class Resources section. It will not be possible to edit these online.  There is no similar function in Blackboard at this time.

Creating a Webliography in Blackboard:

You can compile a list of web resources in Blackboard by creating a Content Area or Folder and then adding content as a "URL".  (URL is the acronym for a web address.)

  • Go to the Content Area or Folder and from the Create Content button at the top choose "URL".
  • Enter a Name, URL (the web address including http://), and description
  • Set other options as desired and click Submit

The Description is where you would put the information needed for a web citation
    •    Title
    •    Author(s)
    •    Publishing Organization or Institution
    •    Date of electronic publication

and any other annotations.

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions:  Importing a Webliography, Adding New Citations(pdf)


For a Bibliography you would follow similar steps, except that you would choose "Item" from the Build Content menu. An Item can have a Name and Description which would include the bibliographic information. 

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating a Blackboard Item (pdf)


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