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Overview of Tests in Blackboard

"Tests" in Blackboard include both computer graded tests ("quizzes" on UAS Online) and essay tests ("essays" on UAS Online).  The are created or imported to the "Test Manager" which is located in the Control Panel. For students to have access, they must be "deployed" in a Content Area or Folder.  When they are deployed a column is automatically created in the Gradebook (Grade Center).  Test options may be set to limit availability, add passwords, set time limits, determine level of feedback, etc.

Creating New Tests

Tests may be created online in Blackboard or can be imported in a variety of formats. To create a new test online:

  • Go to the Control Panel, click on Course Tools, then on Tests, Surveys and Pools.  Click on Tests and then Build Test.  A test created this way will be located in the Test Manager but will not be deployed (posted) for students


  • Go to a Content Area or Folder and from the "Create Assessment" menu choose "Test".  Here you'll have the option to either create a new Test or choose an existing test from the manager.

Learn more about creating tests and about question types:

Importing Quizzes and Essays from UAS Online

Quizzes and Essays from UAS Online may be imported into the Test Manager.  At this time, the suggested answers for Essay questions cannot be imported, although they can be added later.

Step-by-step instructions:Exporting from UAS Online and Importing Into Blackboard (pdf)

Other means of importing tests

Deploying (posting) tests and setting options

You can deploy a test in any Content Area or folder.  Many people choose to make a folder for each week or unit and put the relevant tests there.  Others choose to create a Content Area (item on course menu) specifically for tests.  In that case a "Course Link" can be used to put a link to that test elsewhere in the course.  You want to make sure your students know where to look when they come to the course site.  It is a good idea to have one place that lists all the activities for that week or unit.

Step-by-step instructions:Deploying a Test and Setting Test Options (pdf)

Tests and the Gradebook

When a Test is deployed it is automatically linked to the gradebook and a new column is created.  It goes into the Category "Tests", but you can create new Categories and re-arrange columns. 


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