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Chelsie Harris

Program: Bachelor of Arts in Art
Hometown: Kenai, Alaska
Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Kane

Chelsie Harris was a two time recipient of the URECA Grant offered through UAS. On one occasion she used the money to attend a wood-kiln firing workshop at the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts. Here she was given a unique opportunity to fire a large train style kiln with a group of ceramic artist from all over the United States. The second year she received the grant, she used it to compile a ceramic cup “library” for future use for UAS art students. She built two display cabinets and curetted a collection of unique cups by professional ceramic artists around the world. By selecting a wide variety of ceramic cups for her library, she hoped to provide tactile learning material that future ceramic students could use for inspiration and information. In both occasions, the URECA Grants helped her to expand her learning experience outside of the information covered in a typical university classroom.

Currently, Chelsie is an Alternate Language Teacher, teaching English in Japan.