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Student Government Opportunities


All students enrolled at the University of Alaska-Southeast who pay the Juneau campus student Governance Fee will be members of USUAS-JC and shall be referred to as the Student Body.

Travel Grants

With support from all Student Senate members, the Rules and Finance Committee will administer up to 15 travel disbursements to provide funding for educational opportunities to students with limited financial resources. There is a $400 limit per student per School year. Students must prove that the activity/event reflects the educational purpose of the department representing them in person to the Student Government or the Rules and Finance Committee. Students will provide the committee with a letter of intent, including all dates, approximate expenses, and lodging per diem, as well as two reference letters and a W-9 form to complete processing. Students will formally share their travel experience upon their return by writing an article for the Whalesong, making a formal presentation at the Lecture Hall, or another negotiable service. No more than three students may receive travel grants for the same activity/event. If you are interested in learning more about our Travel Grant or applying for a travel grant, please come visit us in the Student Government Office in the lower Mourant building or call us at (907)796-6528.

ISEP-Exchange Scholarships

Each academic year (Fall plus Spring Semester), USUAS-JC will fund three (3) two thousand dollar ($2000) scholarships to qualifying student body members who are enrolled each semester in twelve or more on-going credit hours and are participating in the ISEP-Exchange program. If you are interested you must complete a scholarship application which will be reviewed by the Academic Exchange Office, and Student Government. If you are interested in learning more please contact Marsha Squires at (907) 796-6455 or email at


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