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Housing Deposit & Application Fee

In order to secure your housing application and receive priority for housing placement, a $25 non-refundable application fee and a $300 housing deposit is required for all new housing applications. You may pay the application fee and housing deposit by cash, check, or credit card. We currently cannot accept deposits online.  Please refer to the refund/cost schedule for the cancellation schedule.

Online Application Instructions

Note: Students applying for housing must have first been admitted to UAS.

  1. Login to UAOnline Clicking on the button should open up a new browser window.
  2. In the “Student Services & Account Information” link, select “Campus Housing and Dining”
  3. Select “UAS Housing”
  4. To begin your application process, first select “ApplyOnline”
  5. Select the appropriate time frame for which you are applying to be a resident. For those applying for Summer and Fall semester housing at the same time, please complete the Summer application first.
  6. Carefully read Housing Agreement information supplied on the next screen and select “I Agree” or “I Do Not Agree” as you wish
  7. Complete “Personal Preferences” with consideration as it does apply to our placement of residents. Though no guarantee can be made as to compatibility, we strive to create the most agreeable environment.
  8. Select your room placement preference. Please note cost differences between certain option types and required placement for Freshman, Sophomore, and Juniors/Seniors. Multiple requests can be made but placement request is not guaranteed.
  9. Once the Living Preference has been filled out, an email will be sent and the application will be reviewed when the immunization forms and housing deposit and application fee is received.
  10. Complete MyHousing “Personal Preferences” found on UAOnline under Campus Housing and Dining filling in required information.

Application Notes

  • In addition, paper applications are still available at all Student Housing desk locations and are available for download below in PDF format
  • Placement is on a first-come, first-serve basis with no deadline. Apply soon to secure your request!
  • Roommate requests are available through the application process

Forms and Documents

Summer 2016 Student Applicants

Fall/Spring 2016-2017 Student Applicants

Additional Housing Documents

Cancellation Form

These forms need to be filled out to cancel housing, whether you have or have not moved into UAS Student Housing.

We recommend that you submit the Application, Profile, and Deposit as soon as possible, unless you are able to submit the entire documents needed at once. Placement for Fall Applicant will happen after July 1st. All completed applications received by the housing office at that time will be placed.

Once required documents are received and you file is complete you will be placed, space permitting.

UAS Student Housing Immunization Policy Information

Proof of required immunizations is mandatory for all residents of UAS Student Housing. To remain in compliance, all residents must provide documentation of required immunizations and tuberculosis testing or treatment to UAS Student Housing.

If it is not in your possession, your immunization record may be available from your previous schools or colleges, local health department, your primary health care provider, military immunization record, or your parents. STUDENTS WHO FAIL TO COMPLY WITH THESE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE UNABLE TO MOVE INTO HOUSING OR WILL HAVE THEIR HOUSING AGREEMENT REVOKED BY THE UNIVERSITY.

Residents may be granted an exemption from one or more of the specified immunization requirements based on a documented medical recommendation or for religious reasons in accordance with university regulation. Those persons exempted from immunization or testing for a disease may be removed from student residence facilities should an outbreak of that disease occur or threaten to occur.

Please submit with your application for Student Housing to:

University of Alaska Southeast, Student Housing, 4300 University Drive, Juneau, AK 99801
Fax: (907)796-6387

Description of Requirements:

1. Measles. Immunization by:

  1. two doses of live measles virus vaccine, the first dose administered on or after the age of 12 months and the second dose administered more than 30 days after the first dose; or
  2. two doses of measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine, the first dose administered on or after the age of 12 months and the second dose administered more than 30 days after the first dose; or
  3. documentation of having been diagnosed by a physician as having had measles disease; or
  4. demonstrated serological evidence of measles antibodies.

2. Mumps. If not covered by a measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine series, immunization by:

  1. at least one dose of live mumps virus vaccine administered on or after the age of 12 months; or
  2. documentation of having been diagnosed by a physician as having had mumps disease; or
  3. demonstrated serological evidence of mumps antibodies.

3. Rubella. If not covered by a measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine series, immunization by:

  1. at least one dose of live rubella virus vaccine administered on or after the age of 12 months; or
  2. demonstrated serological evidence of rubella antibodies.

Note: MMR notrequired for females who may be pregnant. Documentation of pregnancy is required for an exemption

4. Diphtheria and Tetanus. Any combination of three or more doses of either diphtheria and tetanus (pediatric DT) and/or tetanus and diphtheria (adult Td) vaccine, with:

  1. the most recent dose having been received within 10 years prior to first living in the student residence facility; and
  2. a minimum time interval between the first and second dose of at least four weeks; and
  3. the third or last dose having been received at least six months after the second or previous dose of the basic series.

5. Tuberculosis: A negative tuberculin skin test (PPD) within one year preceding registration, unless previously positive. If you have tested positive for tuberculosis, a negative chest x-ray and proof of completed treatment is required.

Meningococcal disease

Effective May 18, 2005, the State of Alaska requires that all post-secondary educational institutions must provide information about meningitis and meningitis vaccine to all students who intend to reside in campus housing and requires that students sign a form indicating that they have either been vaccinated against meningitis or have received information about meningitis.  See the text of law, including required information about meningitis below:

Sec. 14.48.165 of the Alaska Statutes reads as follows:

Immunization of postsecondary students

A postsecondary educational institution in this state shall provide written notice to each student who intends to reside in campus housing before the student’s initial period of residence that includes the following information:

Meningococcal disease

  • is a serious illness that can cause death within a few hours of onset; one in 10 cases is fatal, and one in seven survivors of the illness is left with severe disability;
  • is a contagious but also largely preventable infection of the spinal cord fluid and the fluid surrounding the brain;
  • Scientific evidence suggests that college students living in campus housing are at a moderately increased risk of contracting meningococcal disease; and
  • Immunization against meningococcal disease decreases the risk of contracting the illness

Student Housing applications are available for the Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 academic year and we would like to promote our Housing options by offering the chance to win a $250 Alaska Airline gift certificate. Eight total gift certificates will be awarded. This incentive is open to both new and continuing residents.

Full details:

  • To be eligible to win, applicants must submit an application for Fall 2016 by April 15th, 2016.
  • Applications must be fully complete, including the required immunization documentation, $300 deposit, and $25 non-refundable application fee.
  • Continuing residents are not required to submit a deposit or application fee

Winners will be drawn on April 16th, 2016, and announced at Housing Move-In on August 24th, 2016. To be eligible, the student must remain a resident through September 10th, 2016, at which time they will be given possession of the $250 gift certificate.


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