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1. How do I apply for Housing?

See the Documents Needed list on the Housing website. You will need to submit the following documents:

  1. Application and Agreement
  2. Immunization records, including proof the results of a TB skin test taken within 12-months of your housing application. Please see additional information under the "Apply" section regarding "positive” TB test results.
  3. Application fee
  4. Deposit

2. Can I pay monthly for Housing?

Yes! UAS Student Accounts can work with Tuition Management Systems to allow for installment payments to be made at various schedules—3, 4, or 5 months payment schedules. Contact them through  For more information, you can also contact UAS Student Accounts 907-796-6267

3. What’s the roommate situation?

In the Freshman Residence Hall there are two bedrooms in each suite. Two people share one bedroom, so in one suite you would be sharing a living space and bathroom with three other people. Freshman Residence Hall suites provide a shared entryway with a full-sized refrigerator, microwave, and common cabinetry.  A full kitchen is provided just off the 3rd floor common area that has two ovens, ranges, and sinks.

In a 4-bdr apartment, you would share the unit with three other people—each with his/her own private bedroom.  Apartments have fully furnished living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens with standard appliances. All units have one shared bathroom, with separate shower/toilet areas to facilitate simultaneous use of the room. 

In a 2-bdr apartment, you would share a bedroom with one other person, with four total occupants in the unit. Apartments have fully furnished living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens with standard appliances. All units have one shared bathroom, with separate shower/toilet areas to facilitate simultaneous use of room.

Private bedroom requests: A resident can request to have a private bedroom within the residence halls or in the 2-bdr apartments; however, our ability to honor such requests depends on the availability of space and the resident’s willingness to pay the single bedroom supplement. Be sure to mark on your housing application that you are willing to pay the additional fee.

4. What size are the beds?

Bed size is twin, extra-long. They are NOT standard twin beds.

5. Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Yes. Be sure to buy the twin, extra-long size. Twin size sheets will fit, but must be stretched a lot and usually tear. Full is too wide. If you are shopping for bedding, most stores will have a “college” area where you can find twin, extra-long bedding. You will also need a pillow. Mattresses pads and/or foam toppers are recommended for comfort.

6. Can I get a phone line for my room?

Due to the wide use of personal cell phones, landline phone service is not provided within the units.  However, the hardware is in place in Banfield Hall and the apartment units if you would like to contact a local service provider to activate your own line—contact either GCI or ACS.  You will be billed directly for the service. There are no phone line ports located in Freshman Residence Hall suites.

Multiple local phones are scattered around Housing for use.

7. Is there cable in the rooms?

Cable service is not provided within the units; however, the bedrooms and living areas of Banfield Hall and the apartment units are cable-ready. If you wish to purchase cable, you have to go through a local cable company and set it up. As with extra phone services, the cable company will bill you directly.

The Housing Lodge has a TV room with flat screen TV and cable.  Banfield Hall also offers a TV room with flat screen TV and cable.

8. Should I bring a TV?

Many students bring TVs, gaming stations, and other electronic devices for entertainment purposes. The University provides free wireless internet access which many students use for watching programs on computers and other devices, i.e. tablets, Rokus, Apple TVs, etc.

9. Do I need a computer?

More and more students are arriving with their own computers, whether it’s a laptop or tablet device. Having your own computer is definitely handy! The Housing Lodge has 3 laptop computers available for free checkout and use within the confines of the Lodge building.

The UAS Library also provides computer access. The Library is in easy walking distance of the Freshman Residence Hall and is ideal for residents of that building who need computer access.

10. Is there Internet access?

Both campus and housing provide free wireless Internet access.

Residence Halls (not apartment units) are equipped with Ethernet hookups ports, if needed. Cables are not provided.

11. Are the rooms furnished?

In the Freshman Residence Hall, each room has two desks, two wardrobes, and two beds. The desks are rolling tables with no drawers. The wardrobes have space for hanging clothes, and the beds are twin, extra-long twin size with built in dresser drawers. The entry way has a full size refrigerator and microwave which is shared between all four residents of the suite.

In the 2-bdr and 4-bdr apartments, each student space has a desk with a bookshelf and one drawer, a dresser with three drawers, and a twin, extra-long twin bed. (2-bdr units have 2 sets of bedroom furniture.) Each student has his/her own closet. Each living room should have a coffee table, side table, bookcase, sofa, loveseat, and chair. Each dining area should have a table with four wooden chairs. The kitchens are equipped with stoves/ovens, microwaves, and a full refrigerator/freezer.

12. Can I bring my own appliances?

Please see the Campus Living Guide for a more comprehensive list of appliances that are permitted or prohibited.

In the residence halls you are not allowed to have toaster ovens, electric grills, hotplates, and other such appliances.

In the apartments, because each unit has an actual kitchen with a hood exhaust, many of the above listed items that are ‘not allowed in residence halls’ may be allowed in apartments. Also, propane and coal grills are allowed on apartment patios.

13. Do I need dishes and utensils?

For Residence Hall residents, usually microwave dishes are good to have. A few plates, bowls, and silverware are the basic necessities for residence hall life, though you are free to bring pots and pans for cooking and baking in the communal kitchen.

In the apartments, there is a shared kitchen available, so it’s usually a good idea to bring your own dishes, silverware, pots and pans, and other utensils for cooking.

14. What’s the bathroom situation like?

All unit types—Residence Hall suites and the apartments—offer private bathroom accommodations within the unit. Those the actual configuration may vary unit to unit, each should provide a shower enclosure (2-bdr apartments have tubs), toilet, and counter space with double sinks. Most units offer separation between with shower, toilet and countertop areas to allow for simultaneous use of the room.

15. Can I decorate my room any way that I like?

We encourage residents to make their space their home away from home; however, we strongly discourage decorations of drug and alcohol paraphernalia. Such items will be confiscated upon discovery. We recommend using tape or other non-damaging adhesive products and discourage the use of tacks and nails to put up posters, pictures, and any other decorations on the wall as any holes may be considered damage.

17. Can I bring a car?

Yes. Parking permits are required to park in the housing parking lot and violators will be ticketed and/or towed. Additional permitting fees may apply.

18. Are pets allowed?

Fish are generally the only pets allowed in housing (25 gallon tank limit).  For more information, please see the Residence Life Handbook.

19. Where can I store my extra stuff?

Residents are expected to store their personal belongings within their units. The apartments units provide ample closet space and each has its own storage room.

20. When do I find out my placement and roommates?

Room placements for the fall semesters are generally done in late-July. Room placements for the spring semester are generally done in early-December.

Room assignments are subject to change and may not be the same upon check-in as on the placement letter sent to you, so generally you will meet your roommates upon your arrival in Juneau. Please note that the release of information about roommates can only be given if the other parties have given us permission to do so.

21. Are There Laundry Services at Housing?

Yes! All Housing residents have access to laundry facilities in Housing. The Freshman Residence Hall has a dedicated laundry facility on the second floor. Banfield Hall has a dedicated laundry facility on the first floor. For apartment residents, laundry facilities are located on the ground floor of the Housing Lodge.

All Housing Laundry facilities use funds on your student ID card to operate. When you move in, you may load funds onto your card for laundry use at Housing desk locations (debit/credit only), student accounts, or automated machines located in the Freshman Residence Hall and the Housing Lodge (cash only).

22. I submitted an application but no longer plan on living in Housing.

Please fill out a cancellation form, and turn it into the Housing Lodge. You may also submit via fax (907) 796-6387 or email at


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