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Student Housing at the University of Alaska Southeast strives to be an inclusive community where all residents are comfortable and feel welcomed. We seek to provide that comfort and support with regards to placement of students seeking housing assignments outside of the gender binary.

  1. Students understand that (1) Gender Inclusive Housing is defined as a housing option in which two or more students share a multiple-occupancy apartment or suite, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression and (2) that the intent of this agreement is to give students the option to reside with other people of a different gender or sex in order to provide a welcoming living environment, and (3) allows/encourages students in the process of discovering their gender identity, who do not wish to identify themselves by gender, gay or bisexual students, and students who feel more comfortable with a roommate of a different gender the option to find a more compatible roommate and living situation within this community.
  2. In order to be eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing, students must adhere to the housing application and deposit deadlines.
  3. Students understand that if they exhibit behavior that is contrary to the spirit of this agreement they may be relocated to a different housing accommodation on campus.
  4. Students understand that a variety of Gender Inclusive Housing options will be available to students wishing to live in a Gender Inclusive environment.
  5. If a resident in a Gender Inclusive Housing unit cancels their housing or moves out of the unit for any reason, the remaining roommate(s) must identify a new roommate(s) to fill the vacancy. The Student Housing office will define the time allocated to find a new roommate. This window of time will vary depending on time of year and the status of the housing waitlist. Typically, a resident will be allowed a minimum of 24 hours, but not more than one week to identify another eligible roommate. If a roommate(s) is not identified to fill the vacancy within the time period, Student Housing reserves the right to: (1) assign any student who indicates they are interested in living in Gender Inclusive housing, (2) assign a student of the same sex or gender identity as the remaining roommates or (3) relocate/consolidate the current resident(s) to a different Gender Inclusive space that meets their needs. Room types cannot be guaranteed if a student is moved.
  6. Student Housing has the right to consolidate Gender Inclusive spaces as needed.
  7. Like most universities, UAS discourages any students who are in a relationship from living together in a hall housing unit unless they are applying for Family Housing, although we do not question the student’s motives for wanting to live in a Gender Inclusive housing option.
  8. It is the students’ choice to communicate with parents or family members about the decision to live in a Gender Inclusive Housing option. Student Housing encourages this conversation between parents or family members and students about the housing choice so that they can be in support of the student’s decision. Student Housing and Counseling Services can provide resources and support for this process.

Gender Inclusive Housing is a housing option where students, regardless of gender, sex or gender identity, mutually agree to share the same residential unit.

Gender Inclusive Housing is available to all students eligible to live in our apartment units or Banfield Hall residence hall suites when requesting private rooms.

Every residential unit, whether it is suite-style or an apartment, has its own respective bathroom shared only by residents opting into that unit type. Each bathroom in our units can be locked for privacy, as well.

No. While Gender Inclusive Housing is not intended for the freshman community, needs can be discussed with professional staff to accommodate gender and sex identities.

Gender Inclusive Housing residents pay the same rate as any other UAS resident.

Students have the option to request gender inclusive housing on the Housing Application and Agreement. Students interested in gender inclusive housing must select enough roommates to occupy the requested unit type. Roommates can be selected on the Housing Application and Agreement or on the Housing Roommate Request Form available online. No gender inclusive housing requests will be honored without mutual requests from selected roommates.  As such, gender inclusive housing requests are not guaranteed such a space and, if no spaces are available, you will be placed in a single gender housing unit.

Students may request a room change following Housing policies and procedures.

The University continues to reserve the right to change room assignments when vacancies occur, in accordance with the Student Housing Application and Agreement. Whenever possible, Student Housing staff will coordinate with residents in gender inclusive units to find new roommates that have expressed interest in Gender Inclusive Housing prior to relocation, consolidation, and ultimate redistribution of a Gender Inclusive Housing unit.

UAS encourages students who are in a relationship that would like to live together in a housing unit to apply for a Family Housing contract, although we do not question the student’s motives for wanting to live in a Gender Inclusive Housing option.

As long as all family members are registered UAS students they may live together in Gender Inclusive Housing.

All residents living in a gender inclusive unit must be registered students at UAS.

UAS respects the decisions and confidentiality of students, in accordance with FERPA guidelines. We do encourage interested students to discuss this option with parents or guardians. Student Housing and Counseling Services can provide resources and support for this process if needed.

Placement in Gender Inclusive Housing is always optional and never required. If you do not wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, simply do not request the living option.

Yes, this information is protected by FERPA and would not be shared without your express permission.

All residents in University Housing are supported by the entire CA staff. All CAs receive information and intentional training on a wide range of pertinent topics to the Gender Inclusive Housing community.

Safety and welfare of our students is always on our mind and drives our policies and procedures. No studies or data exists that show gender inclusive housing options to be higher-risk or a correlation of risk behavior. We expect to be encouraged by the comfort of students who opt into this housing option to be of great benefit to their well-being and academic goals.

University Housing strives to work with students and campus partners to create a safe, inclusive and supportive environment for all students. At UAS, there is a double key security system (meaning that a key is required for the apartment and the bedroom).

CA staff members are trained to respond to a wide variety of safety and security concerns. CA staff members also engage all residents in intentional interactions as a proactive method of safety and security intervention.

Please feel free to contact the Lodge Desk 907-796-6443 with any additional questions or concerns.


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