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The mission of the UAS Housing & Residence Life department is to:

  • Provide a safe, secure, and affordable living environment that serves students in an efficient manner.
  • Create a community atmosphere that advocates for agency, mutual respect, and accountability for diverse peoples.
  • Develop student leaders who are role models dedicated to their own academic success and personal development, as well as their peers.
  • Promote the philosophy of reflective engagement as a key to self-authorship, critical thinking, and building meaningful connections.
  • Support co-curricular activities that utilize student energy and involvement to implement educational and social programming that develops relevant life skills.

Residence Life Learning Outcomes:

  1. Residents will demonstrate reflective thinking as a tool for learning and growth through exploration of their values and goals
  2. Residents will develop and demonstrate inclusive behaviors that show their commitment to equality and diversity in the broadest sense.
  3. Residents will be able to recognize credible sources of information or resources that relate to a successful academic experience and personal well-being.
  4. Residents will demonstrate a commitment to academic success through:
    1. Appropriate Time Management;
    2. Effective Study Skills;
    3. Successful GPA.
  5. Residents will take responsibility for the community environment, demonstrated by a commitment to:
    1. Sustainable Living Practices
    2. Personal and communal safety and security
    3. Confronting and reporting violations of community standards

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