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Instructions for Mobile Classroom Users

The earlier you contact me the more likely you are to acquire a mobile classroom at the date and time you request. To schedule a mobile classroom, please email me at If I don't respond to your request within one business day, please contact the help desk by phone at 796-6400 or email at

To reserve the mobile classroom I need the following information.

  • Date for delivery
  • Mobile classroom delivery and pick up time
  • Room number
  • Instructor's name
  • Department and course name/number
  • Contact telephone number

Delivery and Access

  • The laptops will be delivered to the classroom at the time you request (+ or - 5 minutes). Someone needs to be in the classroom to accept responsibility for the laptops.
  • The laptops will be available for students to pull out and place on their desk.
  • If your students need to save files, they should save them in the UASHome Docs folder or use a USB flash drive.
  • The printer is delivered with a name tag. Use this name from the dropdown list when printing.

Pick Up

  • If class adjourns early, please call the helpdesk at 796-6400 for pick up. Please do not leave the laptops unsupervised.
  • Students can put the laptops back on the cart or leave them on the desk for staff to pick up.
  • Since batteries are used for the primary power supply, it's important to have the laptops ready for pick up at the scheduled pick up time.
  • Do not save files on the laptops. Each power off with delete all profiles.

Log on/off

  • Generally, it will takes less than 5 minutes for a laptop to be moved from the cart, started, logged onto, and have an application running.
  • Logging off will take approximately five minutes because students need to save their work and/or email or print work for instructors.

Laptop Problems

If a problem occurs with a laptop during the class, we need documentation. This includes:

  • Identify the machine with a sticky note (provided).
  • Identify the program and what the user was doing when the problem occurred.
  • Identify battery, if battery life fails.