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During the summer our events ramp down. Please check back as we have many great things planned for Fall 2015! Summer is a great time for rentals, be sure to check out our new Stand-Up Paddles Boards! Certain areas of the REC might be closed due to campus or space rental, but will be posted at both the REC and on our Facebook page. If you're not a member of our Facebook page this is a great way to keep in touch.

The REC Center will potentially be closed or partially closed due to the resurfacing of its gym, cardio and activities center wood floors.Potential dates of closure or partial closure include: July 30th through August 14th.Due to the chemicals used and the curing time it is possible that these areas will be closed while preperations are done and entirely closed during curing. More information will be provided when known. For the latest updates call the REC Center service desk at 796-6544.
Campus:Juneau Campus

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