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Personal Training w/Fran

Are you interested in starting a fitness program designed specifically with your own personal needs and busy schedule in mind? If so, then you need a personal trainer!

Meet your Personal Trainer

Frances Polumsky

  • American Council on Exercise Certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience
  • B.S in physical education from Boise State University
  • Instructed Physical Education at Juneau Douglas High School and currently for University of Alaska Southeast
  • Certified Instructor for: Group Cycling (Spinning), Body Pump, Group Exercise, Strong Women, and Zumba.

Why Personal Train

Three primary reasons to have a personal trainer are education, direction and motivation.

  • You’ll learn how to achieve your goals, using an individualized program while receiving instruction and encouragement
  • This has proven to be a successful means of achieving personal fitness goals
  • For many people, success is possible as they are able to learn and see results while having fun!

Training Packages

  • Single Session: $45
  • Package #1 (3 sessions)
    $40 per session = $120 total
  • Package #2 (6 sessions)
    $38 per session = $228 total
  • Package #3 (12 sessions)
    $36 per session = $432 total

Download the PT brochure for more information.

Take a Class

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a variety of Physical Education and Outdoor Studies courses that utilize the resources of the Recreation Center.

Whether you need the structure that a class provides to insure you stay active, want to learn a technical skill in an ODS course, or just interested in learning something new, the REC Center welcomes all students. From the list below open the class details by selecting the course title. If hosted at the REC this will be clearly indicated in the Meets column.

View Full UAS Schedule

Classes: PE Summer 2018

Promotes the development and maintenance of personal fitness. Course content includes knowledge of personal fitness, fitness assessment, and regular physical activity based on the value and benefits of exercise in daily living. In addition to setting and working towards personal fitness goals students have opportunities to practice positive social skills as they gain understanding of how a healthy lifestyle affects their quality of life. Fitness activities will include hiking, cycling, resistance training, core conditioning, functional movement, high intensity interval training and individual fitness program design.

Schedule information for CRN: 51847, Section: J01
51847J01Frances Polumsky
UAS Rec Center116
Mon - Fri
9:00a - 2:30p
6/4 - 6/15
UAS Rec Center106
Mon - Fri
9:00a - 2:30p
6/4 - 6/15
UAS Rec Center102
Mon - Fri
9:00a - 2:30p
6/4 - 6/15
UAS Rec Center104
Mon - Fri
9:00a - 2:30p
6/4 - 6/15
Egan Wing223
Mon - Fri
9:00a - 2:30p
6/18 - 6/22

Pass/Fail grading.


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