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Instruction Request Form

This form is intended for use by University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan campus program and adjunct faculty. Faculty may use this form to reserve a classroom session for students or for personal research instruction. Please complete as much information as possible.

  • Please allow the Librarian to adequately prepare for this instruction by requesting it at least one week in advance of the date you would like your session.
  • If you would like laptops for your students to use after the instruction, please indicate below.

Person Requesting this Classroom Instruction




Session Information

Session Date:

Session Start Time: Session End Time:

Course Number:

Course Title:

Preferred Session Location (Librarian will come to your classroom or schedule a session in the Campus Library)

If you have selected "In Class," please indicate the classroom number:

Will you be in attendance?

Number of Students Expected:

Are Laptops Needed? 

A library instruction session is much more likely to be absorbed by your students if there is a related course assignment. Please email a copy of your syllabus (or include the URL in the comments box), as well as a description of any such assignment not discussed in your syllabus.

Additional comments or explanations:

If you have questions, contact Kathleen Wiechelman at 228-4517.




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