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UAS-Ketchikan uses ACCUPLACER® for placement testing. Placement testing is more of an evaluative process than a test. Students do not pass or fail. The purpose of placement tests is to provide you with valuable information about your current skill levels in math, English, and reading. The results of the assessment, and consideration of your academic background, goals, and your interests, are used by UAS academic advisors to determine and help guide your course selection.

Preview the ACCUPLACER® test

Click on Sample “Questions” and then on “ACCUPLACER Sample Questions for Students,” to see a sample of the test. Reviewing the sample test provides students with a “roadmap” of the test and works to help build confidence for testing day. The questions will be different on your test, but the sample questions will allow you to see how the test is structured and will give you a much better idea about what to expect.

You may also want to click on “How it Works” to get an overview of the test and what to expect on your testing day.

To better insure you will have the most accurate measure of your skill levels we recommend visiting the following sites to “refresh.”

Math Preparation
Here you will find help with every level of math. In the Select Subject column on the left of the page, you will find each level of math in order of progression from Basic Math through Calculus. If you need help in a specific area of math, select a subject, then select the topic you want help with. Each topic will provide you with four steps, from a first glance to actually doing the work.

English Preparation
At the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University, you will find Suggested Resources in the upper left of the page. Click on “Grades 7-12 Instructors and Students,” and you’ll find help with punctuation, sentence variety, concise writing and creating a thesis statement among many other helpful items.

Other Study Skills sites

Writing Tutorials and Websites

Math Review Websites

Test Preparation and Live Homework Help



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