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Finding journals, our recommendations

We recommend you search for Journals using the tool Journal Search (link below) because this is our most comprehensive list of journals available.

Journal Search

Journal Search provides you with links to full text of all the journals owned or licensed by the Egan Library. In addition, we link to free online journals when relevant to UAS curriculum. This tool is especially effective when you have a citation for an article in-hand. It is also helpful if you would like to browse a journal's contents online.

Browse our list of journals physically held in the library (pdf)

Browse an alphabetical list of full text journals (using Journal Search)

Choose the subject of full text journals (using Journal Search)

You may also search the Library Catalog to find journals, magazines, newspapers, and series in print and microfilm held in the Egan Library.

Library Catalog 

Keep in mind that this search will only point you to the Egan Library print and microfilm holdings and some selected electronic journals, not to the thousands of journals found electronically (online) through our databases.


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