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Print Services at the Egan Library

Ink kiosk - located on the 2nd floor of the Egan Library

Print/Scan/Copy services are located on the main level (2nd floor) of the Egan Library.

During Fall 2016 we launched a new pay-per-print service powered by Ink Labs, Inc. This service enables printing from virtually any device, as well as cloud accounts and USB drives. Users can print from all library computers, personal computers or can connect to documents from cloud storage services at the kiosk.

Print jobs are only released when the user logs in/swipes their card and pays for the prints at the kiosk. Drivers are available for personal computers using the links below. All online accounts are managed by Ink and the service accepts promo codes, credit cards, and Ink preloaded cards (see below).  Payments via PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are in development.  

A more eco-friendly solution

Printing reimagined at Egan Library is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. The Ink kiosk:

  • is green
  • uses less power
  • doesn't use toner cartridges
  • reduces waste by eliminating mountains of unclaimed print jobs

Print prices

Table of document service prices at the Egan Library
Service Cost
Single-sided black and white * $0.10
Double-sided black and white * $0.18
Single-sided color * $0.40
Double-sided color * $0.70
Document scan Free
Fax, first page $0.99
Fax, each additional page $0.49
Photo print (beta) on 4"x6" photo paper $0.29

* 8 1/2" x 11" paper only

How to create your account and add funds

  1. Login to the UAS Ink Cloud portal
  2. Students: access your account using your UA username/password
  3. Guest users: create a guest account
  4. UAS users can enter the promo code "firsttime" for a $5 credit.  Guests can ask for an Ink Guest Card (includes a $2.50 promo credit) at the Circulation Desk.  
  5. Access your account online to add funds with a credit/debit card or add at the kiosk in the library.  Whale Bucks CANNOT be used for printing.  
  6. Users without access to an accepted payment method can purchase preloaded Ink cards at the Circulation desk for $5

Releasing print jobs

Print jobs are only released when the user logs in/swipes their card and pays for the prints at the kiosk.  Print jobs remain in the print queue for 72 hours.  

Printing from your personal computer

For personal computers, in addition to using a drag-and-drop interface through the UAS Ink Cloud Portal, you can also load a print driver in order to print directly from your applications.

Instructions for installing drivers:

  1. Log in to the UAS Ink Cloud portal
  2. Select "File > Print" in the upper right corner
  3. Download the appropriate driver for your computer's operating system.

Need Help?

  • Egan Library staff can provide hands on assistance at the kiosk, just ask.
  • Users encountering any printing problems, e.g. jams, misprints, formatting issues can notify Ink support through email at or by phone at 1-800-INK-6053. Refer to the Alaska3 kiosk to receive a corresponding credit.
  • Be sure to check out the Ink Labs Knowlege Base and Support

Scanning Services

Several scanning options are available. There is a public access scanner/copier (Konica-Minolta) near the Circulation Desk. The Eqan Library Ink Kiosk also offers free document scanning.

  • Both support color scanning.
  • The Konica-Minolta supports duplex scanning, has a feeder for multiple page jobs and outputs PDF or TIFF formats to email.
  • The Ink kiosk supports scanning to cloud storage accounts, USB, email and in a variety of formats.


A self-service Black & White Copier is located on the main level by the Circulation Desk ($.10 per page). The copier accepts bills ($1, $5, $10) and coins. Prepaid copy cards are available for sale at the Circulation Desk (in $5, $10, $20 denominations).


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