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Study Rooms

The Egan Library has 7 study rooms available (5 on the main level and 2 on the lower level).  All rooms have a blackboard, data port (for internet or voice with audio-convener), power outlets and seating for 4 chairs at a table.  Rooms 212 and 213 have wall mounted HDTVs, HDMI cables and DVD players.  Rooms on the main level have windows (inoperable).  

  • UAS Students have priority use for study rooms.
  • Rooms 212, 214 can be reserved up to one week in advance (see below) by UA students/staff/faculty only (a valid, or email is required).
  • Rooms (106, 213, 215, 216) are available on a first-come, first-served basis to all users (though students have priority).
  • Room 107 has priority scheduling when needed by UAS Disability Services/Testing Center for accommodated exams.  Please check the schedule posted outside the room for upcoming reservations.  107 is available for drop-in use outside of accomnodated exam reservations.  
  • Detailed Study Rooms Policies.

If the library suspects misuse of the reservation system we have the right to cancel your reservation.  

The following activities are not given priority use of the study rooms: Gaming, recreational DVD viewing (use video carrels), sleeping.

Reserve a Study Room

  1. Check Room Availability and Reserve a Room
  2. Click on the green squares to reserve a room. You can choose up to three time slots (1 hour each), up to a maximum of 3 hours a day, up to one week in advance. Mouse over the  icons for room descriptions.  Only EL 212 and 214 can be reserved at this time.
  3. Other study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation that your booking was approved.
  5. Please check in at the Circulation Desk.  Your booking will be forfeited after 15 minutes if you don't check in.  If you need chalk, whiteboard markers or cables for the HDTV, let Circulation know when you check in.

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