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  • The Egan Library offers 19 PCs.  10 are Student Workstations that have a full suite of university software while 9 are available for anyone with a library card (or guest pass) to use (4 Timed Internet Workstations, 2 Express Internet Workstations, 1 Word Processing Station and 2 Library Search Stations). 
  • The Learning Center and Writing Center (located on the lower level of the library) offer an additional 15 Student Workstations as well as computer based test proctoring.    
  • 10 PC laptops are available for 24 hour checkout for UAS students/staff/faculty (check availability).  
  • Egan Library Computer Use Policy 
  • Policy for Timed Workstations


  • Egan Library provides both open (UAS Guest) and secure (UAS) Wi-Fi access.   Wireless access to networked printers for authenticated UAS users only.  
  • You can access the network from anywhere on campus using the UAS wireless.
  • All campus classroom buildings, cafeteria, housing, and the library have wireless connectivity which is Wi-Fi (802.11b) compliant.
  • Most wireless computers will detect our network automatically. If yours does not, please stop by the Reference Desk or Library and Classroom Technology Support Desk (near the front door of Egan Library) for further assistance!


  • Student Workstations are virtual desktops and equipped with the standard academic build which includes Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite 5 (including Photoshop) and other course specific software including SPSS, R and more.

  Print, Scan, Copy 

 Checkout Equipment

Equipment checkout is limited to UAS students, faculty and staff with the exception of headphones and typewriter power cords. This is a partial list of all available equipment for checkout.  For complete list click, view current availability in the library catalog (or search "Egan Library Checkout").

  • Laptops
  • Portable DVD-RW drives (USB)
  • Digital Audio Recorders
  • Nook Touch eReaders
  • Graphing calculators
  • Digital Projector
  • MP3 players
  • Headphones and microphone/headphoneheadsets
  • Digital Adapters (HDMI, mini display port>VGA, iPhone/iPad/iPod 30 pin>HDMI)
  • Digital cameras and Flip HD Video cameras
  • Photo Slide Projector
  • Projection screens (2)
  • Teleconference conveners (for use in study/conference rooms)
  • Typewriter power cords (for use with electric typewriters in study/conference rooms)
  • Power Chargers (iPhone/iPad/iPod 30 pin only) 



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