University of Alaska Southeast

Active Shooter Awareness Training and Full-Scale Emergency Exercise to be conducted on the UAS Auke Lake Campus

Juneau, AK
Date of Press Release: 07-20-2010

On Tuesday July 27, 2010, the University of Alaska Southeast will conduct a full-scale emergency response exercise for an active shooter on campus.  The exercise is designed to increase public safety awareness and test preparedness, teamwork and communications. It will be centered in the area of  the Egan Library, Mourant and Novatney Buildings on the UAS Auke Lake Campus from 4-7 p.m.

The exercise is designed to simulate an incident on campus that would call on a number of emergency response organizations within the Juneau community.  In partnership with local agencies, the planning has been taking place over the last several months, facilitated by the UAS Emergency Management Department. Agencies involved in the exercise include the Alaska State Troopers, Juneau City/Borough Emergency Management, Juneau Police Department, Capital City Fire/Rescue, and Bartlett Regional Hospital.

The simulation exercise will involve a high degree of realism, including actors posing as “victims” who may appear to be injured. Capital City Fire and Rescue will take several victim actors to Bartlett Hospital.  The campus will be a simulated crime scene until police have gathered evidence.It is possible that members of the community traveling in the Auke Lake Campus area on July 27 will see police officers with weapons drawn.

This exercise is designed to improve the University’s response to real emergency situations. One of the goals is to test procedures that are in place and to do so in as realistic an environment as possible. This active shooter awareness training exercise will give all organizations involved the opportunity to measure their levels of preparedness, to work together as an emergency response team, and to refine communications during the simulated real life scenario.

UAS is committed to ensuring the safety of students, faculty and staff. The Active Shooter Awareness Training and Full-Scale Emergency Exercise are part of this ongoing commitment. Local media are encouraged to cover the event.


Dan Garcia

Health and Safety Manager, UAS Facilities Services