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Spring Close 2009


The Spring Close is a snapshot of the University's performance at the end of the Spring Semester.  All of these files are .xls, or Excel spreadsheets, and contain data for UAS as a whole, and the campuses: Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka. The table numbers correspond to the tables in UA in review tables


Enrollment and Credit Hours

  • Table 1.0: Headcount by School, Department, and Program.
  • Table 2.0: Headcount by Full-Time and Part-Time by School, Department, and Program. 
  • Table 5.0: Headcount by Gender by School, Department, and Program.  
  • Table 5.0b: Headcount by Ethnicity by School, Department, and Program. 
  • Table 6.0: Headcount by Class Standing.  
  • Table 7.0: Headcount by First-Time Freshmen. 
  • Table 8.0: Headcount by Student Credit Hours by School and Department.
  • table 9.0: Student Full Time Equivalent Enrollment by Campus.