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You may request official copies of your UAS transcript through UAOnline. As a service to students, all UAF, UAA, or PWSCC Courses will be included.

Please note that the time frames are for processing only, once paper transcripts are processed they are mailed via First Class mail and we cannot guarantee delivery time.

Requests for transcripts from UAF, UAA, and PWSCC will need to be ordered from those campuses directly. Should you have any questions concerning your request, please contact those campuses directly:

  • UAA (907) 786-1480
  • PWSCC (907) 834-1635
  • UAF (907) 474-7500

You now have three options to select from:

  1. Electronic transcripts: $12 per copy. Electronic transcripts are sent out immediately to a valid email address after your record is verified.
  2. Paper transcripts: $15 per copy (Regular processing 5-7 business days)
  3. Paper transcripts: $30 per copy (Expedited processing within one business day)

Online Requests for Official Transcripts

Official transcripts may be ordered through UAOnline
*No need to submit signature*

  1. Login to UAOnline
  2. Select Student Services and Account Information
  3. Select Official Transcript Request Service
  4. Click Log on to the Parchment Secure Transcript Ordering Service
  5. Follow prompts to enter personal information, transcript recipient(s), and billing information.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts can be obtained online at UAOnline:

  1. Login to UAOnline
  2. Select Student Services and Account Information
  3. Select Student Record
  4. Select Academic Transcript
  5. Select a Transcript Level (undergraduate, graduate, etc), or all levels and click Submit
    *Please note: if you have multiple levels you will need to repeat Step 6 for each level.

If you have any questions about how to login, please contact the Registrar's Office at (907) 796-6100.

Paper Request for Official Transcripts

To request transcripts, you can visit campus and fill out a Transcript Request Form, or mail, email, or fax it in. 

Electronic transcripts cannot be issued if the request is made by paper form. Transcripts requested by paper form will only include classes completed at UAS; classes taken through UAA, UAF or PWSCC will not be included.  

Mail transcript requests to:

University of Alaska Southeast
Attn Transcripts
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau AK 99801

Email transcript requests to:

Fax transcript requests to:

Registrar's Office
Attn Transcripts
(907) 796-6365

If you need further information you may contact the Registrar's Office at (907) 796-6100 or email

Petitions can be submitted to the Registrar in regards to both student academics and student financial status.

Academic Petitions

Deviations from academic requirements and regulations for both undergraduate and graduate students can be approved by academic petition. Changes in course level, grading or number of credits awarded are not petitionable.

  • Advisor or instructor signature is required on all petitions.
  • The Petition Committee reserves the right to request additional documentation and signatures prior to making a final decision regarding the petition request.
  • For more information on Academic Appeals, see Student Dispute Resolution in the Student Guide for procedures.
  • Petitions will not be considered beyond one year.

Refund Petitions

The UAS Petition Committee may grant exceptions to student financial obligations. The Petition Committee considers petitions only when a student has been medically disabled, has experienced a death in the family, or has a change in employment hours or location beyond the student's control.

  • Written documentation of these conditions is required.
  • Petitions are not reviewed unless documentation of circumstances is provided.
  • Petitions are not reviewed unless the student has officially dropped or withdrawn from course(s).
  • Exceptions are not considered for a student's failure to comply with published deadlines, or changes in employment under the student's control.
  • Petitions will not be considered beyond one year.

Refund processing for approved petitions begins after the first day of class and take approximately ten working days. Student who paid by credit card will have their card credited. If the student paid by cash or check, a refund check will be mailed to the address on record at UAS. Refunds will not be issued for amounts less than $1.

Education Record Information Release (FERPA)

Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you are entitled, as a University of Alaska student, to review your education records.  Except for directory information, no personally identifiable information is disclosed to agencies outside the university without the written permission of the student, or as otherwise permitted under FERPA.

To give permission to release any of your education record information you must fill out the Education Record Information Release form and submit it, along with a government issued ID (if copied/faxed the ID must be legible).

Directory Information/ Hold

The University of Alaska (UA) System has adopted a new policy, which places restrictions on a student record designated with a ‘directory information’ hold.

If you do have a ‘directory information’ hold on your student record the following applies:

  • Your name will not appear in the published university chancellor’s and dean’s lists, commencement program, or any other university publications.
  • You will not be eligible for enrollment and/or degree verifications; your attendance and/or degree will not be verified for insurance companies, scholarships, potential employers, etc. without your written consent.

Please be aware that the following personal information may be made public without your express permission if you do not have a directory hold on your record:

  • Name of student
  • Dates of attendance at UA school
  • Program/Major field(s) of study
  • Degrees and certificates received including dates
  • Participation in officially recognized University activities
  • Academic and co-curricular awards, honors, and scholarships received and dates received.
  • Electronic mail addresses
  • Hometown: city and state

You can change your directory hold status on your record (you have a hold and want it released or you don’t have a hold and you want one placed) by updating the directory hold option on UAOnline or by submitting the Release of Directory Information form to the Registrar's Office along with a copy of your government issued ID.

To change your directory hold status on UAOnline:

  1. Log into UAOnline
  2. Click Student Services and Account Information
  3. Click Change Directory Hold Option
  4. Enable or disable the directory hold and click Update Confidentiality

Enrollment Verifications

Please note: audited courses, professional development, and continuing education units are not included in the computation of study load for full-time, or part-time status.


Order an enrollment verification in UAOnline, through the National Student Clearinghouse

  • Login to UAOnline
    • Select Student Services & Account Information
    • Select Enrollment Verifications
    • Choose a campus, and continue through to the National Student Clearinghouse page
  • Once you've requested your verification, you will be able to print out an Enrollment Certificate.

Please Note: UAS sends an enrollment report to the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) on the 15th of each month. It may take the NSC several days to update their records.

Paper Form:

Complete and sign an Enrollment Verification Request and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Send Enrollment Verification Requests to:

UAS Registrar's Office
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801


Fax: (907) 796-6365


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