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2010-2015: Connecting to Success

Activity 1: Success - Enhancing Distance Support

The Sitka Campus continues to struggle with course completion rates in high-risk courses. Distance students struggle with confusing advising services, and a lack of support resources to complete their academic goals. Alaska Native and rural students in particular need to feel closer connections to the University, their instructors and fellow students.

Activity 1 has three major components:

  1. Strengthen advising for online students by developing an enhanced course schedule, as well as online orientation and social networking components to promote closer connections between Alaska Native students and the University, and their instructors and fellow students.
  2. Extend student support services by developing an integrated array of online student services including academic advising student success resources and tutoring services.
  3. Developing interactive "Learning Objects" that address specific college-level concepts or skills. These will be available region-wide in the online Student Success Center. Faculty will also be able to embed these in their courses, helping students to make the connection between their assignments and the available online resources. (Also part of Activity 2)

Activity 2: Strengthening Course Development

Activity 2 is designed to promote continuing professional development for online faculty, to create learning objects to provide students with college level success strategies, to increase revenue to the Sitka Campus through increased enrollment of under-served student groups, particularly Alaska Natives, to build bridges from short-term training programs to more advanced academic programs, and develop a process for faculty to evaluate online courses and teaching.

Activity 2 has four major components:

  1. Create layered training materials to help faculty stay abreast of the latest technology. View developed material on the Faculty Learning Corner blog.
  2. Develop modularized, online "Learning Objects" that faculty can embed in their courses.
  3. Develop online professional trainings and assist successful students in pursuing further opportunities for certificates and degrees.
  4. Work with faculty to develop a process for consistent formative review of the design and teaching of UAS Sitka's online courses, ensuring that faculty meet or exceed national best practices for online course design and teaching.
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2010-2012: Renovation of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Wing

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