University of Alaska Southeast Faculty and Staff Newsletter August 29, 1997

Convocation 97

UAS considered accreditation issues during the 1997 convocation. A major purpose of convocation was to get faculty involved in the accreditation process, particularly by developing mission statements, goals, and objectives for each degree and certificate program, according to Ginny Mulle, convocation coordinator.

On Monday, the faculty focused on the competencies required for assessment at several different workshops. The faculties then met separately on Tuesday to both create mission statements, goals, and objectives, and to develop assessment plans to determine how achievement of those goals and objectives would be measured.

Technology sessions were held Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Presntations included information on new technologies available to UAS faculty members. Included were presentations on the smart cart, smart classroom, and available library data bases.

Mulle said the reactions to convocation that she has most frequently heard have been that faculty members liked being active participants rather than simply recipients of information; being involved in the process of creating departmental policy, and the opportunity to articulate both what was expected of students, and to think about issues in their disciplines.

Evaluations due

Faculty were given evaluation forms at Convocation. Three questions were asked on the single sheet of green colored paper. Vice Chancellor Robbie Stell has asked faculty to return the evaluations to the chancellor's office.

Tuxedo Junction Oct. 4

"It was time for a change," says Tuxedo Junction coordinator Tish Griffin. The changes include four venues instead of one and an earlier event date.

This year Tuxedo Junction will be held October 4th with a "Sail Away" theme. The evening begins with a bon voyage party at the lower tram station. The other venues include the top of the Tram, designed to simulate a shipboard experience highlighted by romantic big band music; Taku Eatery with a mock casino and rock 'n roll band; and the St. George catamaran with a dessert cruise and jazz.

Tickets are $50 and will be sold at both Hearthside Books locations, the UAS Bookstore and over the phone at 465-6267. Tickets go on sale Sept. 2.

Hall dedication Sept. 6

Dedication ceremonies will be held Saturday (Sept. 6) at 11:30 a.m. at the student residence hall. The building will be named the Mildred Banfield Hall in honor of the former regent and legislator from Juneau. All participants are invited to a UAS picnic following the dedication.

Orientation held

A combination of outdoor activities and academics highlighted new student orientation on the Juneau campus. "We're trying to get rid of the freshman jitters," orientation coordinator Pattie Adkisson says. "We're trying to make them feel at home."

Outdoor activities included a kayak trip, overnight camping, a hike, and a beach walk. Academic activities included student meetings with faculty representing biology, environmental science, education, art and computers. In addition other meetings provided information about loans, jobs, tutoring, banking, internships, and exchanges.

New technology

An additional BIS computer classroom has been added to the Juneau campus and outfitted with 20 new Pentium machines. "The additional classroom allows the faculty to offer more sections of courses at convenient times," according to Sharon Crostick.

Other new Juneau campus technology upgrades include the smart classroom with fixed multimedia projection capabilities for Mac or PC in Egan Library 105, the multidisciplinary lab in the Hendrickson Building and a smart cart for the Mac or PC is available from media services and includes laser disc capability. New Pentium and Power Mac computers have been placed in the campus computer lab along with a new scanner and new printer. The new computers were purchased with funds raised through the technology fee.

Online exchange subject of book

"It looks very closely at teaching writing using telecommunications and focusing on literary exchanges," Scott Christian says of his first book, "Exchanging Lives: Middle School Writers Online." Christian is the director of the Professional Education and Training Center. The book, which became available in June, was published by the National Council of Teachers of English and a second publisher will add the book to their fall list. Christian says the book is designed for K-12 teachers.

The book shows and describes the results of middle school students from different states who were connected online while they discussed and wrote about "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl." Christian says, "As an English teacher I've never seen writing so good from middle school students." He says, in part, that's because students care more about their writing when it is being read by 250 other students.

Merchant discounts

Student government leaders have sought discounts from Juneau merchants for students, faculty and staff. President Rosie Gilbert said, "We wanted to give something back to the students. We went around this summer, and we'll see how it works this year." Merchants offering discounts upon presentation of a UAS ID card include Vito-N-Nicks, the Auto Haus, Photomasters, Night Moods, Channel Dive Center and during the spring, the Little Mermaid Beauty Salon.

BIS receives grants

The UAS Business Information Systems faculty have been selected to receive a Microsoft Business Education Partnership Program software grant and a Microsoft Developer Network subscription grant.

The Partnership Program helps prepare students for real-world business environments and equip them for technology-oriented careers. As the recipients of this grant, the faculty has received 30 Microsoft licenses for Office 97.

The Developer Network grant provides state-of-the-art information systems development tools to be used in both CIS and BIS courses. It provides 10 licenses to most of Microsoft's systems development tools.

Ketchikan brochure

A full-color brochure promoting the Ketchikan campus has been printed. The cover shows a student looking through a microscope with a headline saying, "Your future looks bigger here." Campus director Fran Feinerman says, "We tried to emphasize the close, personal attention on the campus and career support." The brochure describes Ketchikan strengths such as, close-up learning, distance education, degree programs, student life, computers, student support, the career center, cultural heritage and the learning atmosphere. A tear off panel allows prospective students to request additional information.

Students study abroad

A number of UAS students are studying overseas this year on the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP). They include: Sean Damron, marine science, Fiji; Amber Hopkins, marine biology and math, Malta; Sara Dow, art, The Netherland; Alicia Nelson, French language and culture, France and Windy Winsenberg who will be studying social sciences in Sweden spring semester.

The following students are back on campus this year from an exchange experience last year: Amelia Jenkins (Northern Ireland and the Czech Republic), Steve and Corinne Colley (Northern Ireland), Tiffany Sargent (England), and Rob Dailey (France). Brice Mast is back from a year in Sweden and hopes to be on campus this spring.

Students interested in studying overseas during the 1998-99 academic year should be thinking about the countries and programs of interest to them. The ISEP web site is Campus contact: Elizabeth Schelle at 465-6455. Global Connections, is a campus club dealing with international education.

Academic catalog corrections requested

The 1997-1998 UAS Academic Catalog has been distributed on all three campuses. The bright, red covered book was changed significantly this year to reflect the new UAS reorganization from schools to faculties. As faculty and staff notice items to be corrected or improved in next year's catalog, please forward them to Scott Foster, Juneau information officer.

Student, faculty, and staff news

A Juneau campus senior majoring in marine biology has written a field guide to shell mollusks in Southeast. Aaron Baldwin of Juneau said about 300 mollusks of 1,300 hundred different species are described. He picked examples of the chitons, snails, clams, octopuses, etc. most likely to be seen. "The book is for those with an interest in natural history," Baldwin said, "or those wanting to collect shells or identify mollusks they see."

Robert Baker, the new Ketchikan campus math faculty member, has been invited by the Southeast Island School District to lead an in-service for more than 30 faculty and staff. His Friday (Aug. 29) presentation related to the Standards of Practice and Assessment of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

George Parker spent half of his year-long sabbatical in Europe and the other half painting at his Idaho studio. While in Europe Parker sought out altar art from the 14th and 15th centuries in France and Belgium. Parker also visited museums and galleries and pursued his interest in African art. The paintings completed in Idaho are being shipped to Juneau. "I'm not sure what their future is going to be," Parker says.

Lorene Palmer joined tourism educators from around the world at the 52nd annual Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education Conference in Rhode Island in early August. "There were four full days of speakers, workshops, and seminars all geared toward improving the content in tourism programs," Palmer said.

Roxie Felkl, administrative assistant in Student Housing and Activities, has earned the Certified Professional Secretary rating by qualifying for and successfully completing a six and one-half hour examination administered by Professional Secretaries International. The exam covers ten different subject areas. Anyone interest in the CPS exam may contact Sharon Crostick at 465-6363.

The 2nd edition of one of Marjorie Fields' textbooks has just been printed. Constructive Guidance and Discipline: Preschool and Primary Education was published by Merrill/Prentice Hall.

Mary-Claire Tarlow will provide in-service for Kalskag in the middle of August. She will be working will all K-12 teachers in techniques of reading instruction to help them improve reading comprehension among their students.

Student activities

Welcome picnic, Sept. 6, noon to 4 p.m., Auke Lake.
Free swim, Sept. 7, from 6:30 - 8 p.m., pool.
Cafe Mourant entertainment series, Sept. 9, at 7 p.m.
Ice cream social, Sept. 10, at 2 p.m., Mourant Cafe.
Salmon homecoming dance, Sept. 12, salmon dinner ($5) begins at 7 p.m., dance free, DIPAC, Sponsored by WoochEen.

Faculty/staff Meal Plan

A $50 meal card is available for Juneau campus faculty and staff. The card may be purchased in $50 increments at Student Housing. Those buying a $250 meal card will receive a 5% benefit.


Monday Sept. 1
  • UAS holiday.

    Tuesday Sept. 2

  • First day of classes.

    Friday, Sept. 5

  • Faculty Council

    Saturday, Sept. 6

  • Dedication of residence hall, 11:30 a.m., student housing. Welcome picnic, noon, Auke Lake

    Sunday, Sept. 7

  • Free UAS family swim, 6:30 p.m., pool

    Thursday, Sept. 11

  • Juneau Campus Council, noon, Lake Room

    Saturday, Oct. 4

  • Tuxedo Junction