UAS Staff Planning Session

AUAS staff forum was held Tuesday, May 23 to focus on strategic planning for UASand the resources needed to acheive these goals. All staff were invited to take part. Chancellor John Pugh emphasized that this forum was to be very focused, as larger items on the agenda have already been set by President Mark Hamilton. With new money allocated to the university for the first time in over a decade, four main areas were targeted for improvement.

1. Maintain a solid foundation
Allocate resources for infrastructure, technology, personnel, and salaries.

2. Develop Alaska's leaders
Keeping the best and the brightest in state will involve developing programs to meet Alaskan industry (teaching, health care, oil industry) and academic scholarships to the top students in the state.

The Alaska Scholars Program was started on the second premise; the top 10% of each year's graduating class is awarded a full academic scholarship to any UA campus. So far 550 of 800 eligible have applied; fully half of the top 10% in each graduating class are expected to attend a UA campus this fall.

3. Meet Alaska's employment needs
UAS needs to stay on top of community employment trends, and develop programs to serve community needs.

4. Diversify the Alaskan economy
Stay attuned to community needs and look for possibilities in technology and infrastructure. If you have questions or would like to offer suggestions or comments, you can submit them at

Julia Klein, Rep. Bill Hudson, Regent Elsa Demeska.

Klein receives legislative citation

On Tuesday, May 23 at the UAS Staff Planning Session, Representative Bill Hudson presented UAS synchronized swimmer Julia Klein with a legislative citation for her outstanding athletic and academic performance. Klein represented UAS at the 2000 U.S. Collegiate Synchronized Swimming Championships in Ohio, where she won a silver medal. She also won an Academic Excellence Award for her UAS grade point average.

Chancellor John Pugh thanks Representative Bill Hudson for his support in funding the UAS Egan Library classroom addition. Pugh presented Hudson with a mounted, framed photo of the classroom architectural model.

Brown bear skeleton on display at University of Alaska Southeast's Egan Library.

Brown bear skeleton on display

What may be one of the few brown bear skeletons anywhere is now on permanent public display at the University of Alaska Southeast's Egan Library. One year ago this month, UAS junior Tony Nizich shot a large brown bear in the northern Lynn Canal area. He spent nearly a year cleaning each bone and then rejoining them for display. "As far as I know it would be unusual to come across another brown bear skeleton," Nizich said. "In at least eight months of research I wasn't able to find one."

The brown bear measured nine feet from nose to tail and weighed 1,070 pounds. Nizich cleaned the bones from September until Christmas, and worked 8 hours a day throughout the holiday break reassembling the skeleton. He completed the assembly in February. To help reassemble the bones, Nizich looked for pictures of brown bear skeletons and could find only three. One was a panda skeleton, one was in a children's book, and one was an old cave bear skeleton he found on the Internet. "Those were the only photos I was able to go by," he said. "Everything else I referred to was cat and dog skeletons." Nizich received 8 credits for his two-semester independent study project with Dr. Brendan Kelly.

Nizich, a biology major, plans on entering dental school after graduating from UAS.

Students learn proper techniques of "wedging" and "throwing" at a UAS ceramics workshop this week.

This five day summer workshop features two well known teachers and workshop leaders from Berkeley: Sandy Simon and Robert Brady.

Career Ed featured

UAS career education programs and faculty are featured in the June issue of the Alaska Southeaster magazine. At at time when more workers seem to spend more time in front of computers, Associate Dean Gary Bowen says in the article, "We really do need intelligent people that can build our buildings, fix our cars, and repair our boats." The article includes a photo of the Juneau Marine Tech center and faculty members Gregor Welpton, Darrel Love and Chuck Craig.

UAS email changes

Computing Services recently changed the mail server configuration to stop an open-relay problem. The change has caused a problem for some users that access their University e-mail account through an Internet Service Provider (i.e. PTI Alaska, GCI). You will no longer be able to send e-mail through the University's mail server if you are dialed up through an ISP. For more information, contact the UAS Helpdesk at 465-6400 (Juneau) or 1-877-465-6400 (Toll-free).

Rasmuson contribution funds scholarships

Elmer E. Rasmuson, a former regent of the University of Alaska who served as president of the board for 13 years, has announced a contribution of $250,000 to begin a new university scholarship fund in the name of the Board of Regents.

"These new scholarships will complement the UA Scholars Program, now in its second year, and will enable the university to continue to attract top quality students," said university President Mark R. Hamilton.

The Regents' Scholarship Program, will be awarded in 2001. To be eligible for the scholarships, recipients must: be junior, senior or graduate students in good standing at any UA campus; demonstrate commitment, involvement, and leadership in civic or professional service activities, and demonstrate academic achievement.

Staff Council

Just a quick reminder to staff members to send your UAS Staff Council ballots to the contact on your campus. Juneau: Elizabeth Hoffman, Ketchikan: Deb Pyle, Sitka: Sandra Burgess.

UAS Bookstore

Fall textbook orders are past due! Please contact Linda Snyder ASAP 465-6474. Also, new clothing has recently arrived.

Faculty and Staff

Bruce Wright, Juneau Biology, had his paper, "Ecosystem Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill," published in a report by the Preparatory Committee for the Japan Environmental Disaster Information Center (JEDIC) entitled, "What Should We Learn from Oil Spills?"

Jason Ohler, Juneau Education, received word from Independent Publisher Book Awards 2000 that his book, "Taming the Beast" was chosen a finalist in Category 22, Education/Academic/Teaching.

Jeri Cary has been promoted to administrative assistant in the Egan Library.

Jennifer Christensen has been hired as a personnel technician.

Ori Harding, Brian Taras, and Shannon Crowley cut a hole through 6 feet of sea ice, as part of their research on ringed seals.

Undergrad research opportunities

Students accepted into the National Science Foundation's Research Experiences for Undergraduates program at UAS will begin their research with a Field Methods Workshop this week. Over 100 students from all over the country applied for the nine positions. Students will assist UAS biology faculty on research ranging from ringed seal behavior in the Arctic to Dungeness crab growth and reproduction. Brendan Kelly, Juneau Center, SFOS, is currently conducting studies with ringed seals in the Beaufort Sea.

GCI boosts university’s high-tech capabilities

The University of Alaska announced a partnership with GCI of Alaska to further the development of the university's next generation information technology network. The connection will allow the university to try new ways of delivering instruction, conducting research, and collaborating between faculty and researchers both within the University of Alaska system and with other universities. It will open up access to UA students to courses and research and information unavailable to them previously. The OC-3 connection between the three campuses is about 100 times faster than the old connection. Students will be able to take courses via live, interactive video.

The OC-3 circuits will begin sending information between the campuses and the rest of the country later this year after all the optical fiber has been connected to campus networks and tested.

Redman Wins Bullock Prize for Excellence

Wendy Redman, vice president for university relations of the University of Alaska since 1988, is this year's recipient of the Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence in service to the university.

The late Edith R. Bullock, a former regent and university benefactor, established the $15,000 prize. The cash prize is one of the largest of its kind among American universities. Hamilton said Redman's effectiveness on behalf of the university comes not only from her competence and skill in representing the interests of the university to others, but also from her ability to communicate well within the institution to administrators, students, and faculty members.

Juneau Calendar

Friday, June 2
  • Perseverance Trail Hike. Easy. Leaves Housing Lodge 10:30 a.m. Info: Kim Porter, 790-2493.

    Monday, June 5

  • Cheer for the UAS Flukes Softball Team, 5:50 pm, Dimond Park.

    Friday, June 9

  • Bessie Creek Hike. Challenging. Leaves Housing Lodge 10:30 a.m. Info: Kim Porter, 790-2493.

    Monday, June 12

  • Cheer for the UAS Flukes Softball Team, 8:10 pm, Dimond Park.
  • BBQ, Auk Rec.

    June 12–24

  • Early Childhood Summer Institute

    June 26–August 11

  • Breadloaf Institute. Info: Scott Christian, 465–8744.

    Saturday, July 1

  • MAT Graduation