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Hatfield-Evans Receives First Student Employee of the Month Award

The first UAS Student Employee of the Month award!

Nathan and Chancelor Pugh In recognition for his exemplary service to UAS over the past two years, Nathan Hatfield-Evans, a student assistant for the IT Department, received the first UAS Student Employee of the Month award. Chancellor John Pugh presented Nathan with a framed certificate during a ceremony in the Lake Room on January 30. As part of his award, Nathan also received a $50 gift certificate that can be used in the Mourant Cafeteria or the UAS Bookstore.

Ivan Hazelton, Nathan’s nominating supervisor, noted that Nathan is “one of the most reliable student assistants I’ve ever had. He assigns himself work from the work order system and takes on the difficult tasks and projects as readily as the easy ones.”

The unique contribution Nathan brings to his service to the University is his combination of good humor, good work ethic, knowledge of computing, knowledge of the University and a great attitude,” wrote Hazelton.

Besides working on projects independently, Nathan has also excelled in “training new student employees, not only in the job duties that we need them to accomplish, but also in professional behavior,” adds Hazelton

The new SEOM program, coordinated by Career Services, is designed to recognize student workers for their exceptional service. Students are nominated by their staff or faculty supervisors then a selection committee, comprised of staff and faculty representing various departments, reviews each month’s nominees and selects the student they believe most deserving of the award.

For more information about the SEOM program, contact Steve Laing, Career Services Specialist, at 796-6368 or at

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