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Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month Celebrated at Ketchikan Campus Library

womenThe UAS Ketchikan Campus Library celebrated National Women’s History Month by hosting a brown bag lunch presentation by speakers from First City Toastmasters. In keeping with the National Women’s History Project “Generations of Women Moving History Forward” theme, the presenters spoke on women throughout history, pioneers who worked for change during their era, and what that means today.

Gerry Knisiak, teacher, civil rights worker and self-described “dyed-in-the-wool” feminist, compared the feminist movement today to last hundred years, asking if we have held on to the hard fought gains and continued to strive, or are we back-sliding? Kelly Chick, a physical therapist active in the Ketchikan community, asked the question, “What banners are you carrying now?” in respect to activist work. Chick looked at what the issues are that affect women and is there a movement to address them, challenging the audience to “carry a banner” for a cause. The final speaker, Reverend George Pasley of the Ketchikan Presbyterian Church, took a different view. He told the story of five biblical sisters who challenged the accepted authority and changed their society for the better.

lectureThe presentations were followed by a round table discussion moderated by Bonnie Paddock of First City Toastmasters. For information on National Women’s History Month visit


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