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I'm Going to College

The 4th annual "I'm Going to College" a huge success again!

A packed audienceThe 4th annual "I'm Going to College" event on campus was another huge success. UAS hosted every 5th grade class from Juneau's six elementary schools, in addition to a few home schooled students, on May 9th and 10th.  Faculty from all disciplines volunteered to introduce college courses to these young students.

Financial Aid Director Barbara Burnett, who helps organize the event, would like to thank the volunteers: Carrie Enge, English; Virgil Fredenberg and Jill Dumesnill, math; Jean Richey and Elizabeth Schelle, communication; Dan Monteith,  anthropology; Derek Farber, Biology; Tony Martin, automotive technology; Chuck Craig, Diesel technology; Marquam George, construction technology; Charlie Ross, planning and scheduling; Robin Gilcrest, drafting; Kathy DiLorenzo, government; Anselm Staack, accounting; Claudia Wakefield, Spanish; Rosemary Walling, physics; and Alex Simon taught Sociology. They all did a fantastic job, said Burnett.

In addition, Deb Gregoire, Phil Paramore, Shannon Sweet, Kirk McAllister, Ivan Hazelton, Mona Yarnall, Pat Yearty, Anna Mariah Kelly, Lisa Bogert, Kristie Allen, Marsha Squires and Barbara Hegel assisted the day of the event. The Food Service crew did a great job with a very popular lunch selection and Jim Gage in Media Services made sure the Library was all set up for us each day. “We have a terrific group of people here”, said Burnett in her thank you letter.

I’m Going to College is a partnership with Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education and College Loan Corporation.


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