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Flash Survey: "And Our Survey Says..."

New online survey tallies how students first learned about UAS and why they chose to attend this university.

Flash SurveyUAS Fall 2008 Student Survey ResultsThe UAS Public Relations and Marketing office recently conducted an on-line survey to learn more about how students first learned about UAS and why they choose to attend the regional university for Southeast Alaska. The results may be used to better target UAS marketing and recruiting efforts.

Current students responding to the late October survey said the website is the number one way they first heard about UAS. Programs are the number one reason respondents answering the survey chose to attend UAS. Following close behind program are Alaska resident, location, close to home and cost. Fifty-two percent of respondents first learned about UAS via the web. Family (48%) and friends (45%) follow in close succession. Counselors/teachers and brochures/postcards were also high on the list of choices. Participants could check off more than one of ten answers to the first question and more than one of twelve answers to the second question.

More than 350 people answered the survey. Of that number, 288 are currently taking at least one class. Two hundred six participants are taking at least one Juneau class and 193 are taking at least one distance class. Survey results and comments can be found at this link: ?ref=S0tCQVVTTEVSLTE=&action=report


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