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UAS Content Management System Featured in National Newsletter

UAS CMS, Model for other institutions

The Content Management System was recently featured in a national software newsletter. The Hannon Hill company did a case study on how the UAS CMS is a model for other institutions looking to empower campus departments to utilize new technology by putting their own content on the web. It took a few years, but at least 100 campus entities are using the CMS. “It well positions us for future enhancements and direction of technology,” said UAS Web coordinator Dave Klein. “We must be ahead of the curve to stay current,” said Web developer John French.“

As the regional hub for baccalaureate and graduate education, the institution faces a constant need to create and maintain fresh and engaging content for their Website,” writes Hannon Hill. “The solution to this challenge proved to be Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server. Take a look at our latest case study, where we explore the process experienced by the University of Alaksa Southeast as they searched for and implemented a content management system that met their needs.” Direct link to the UAS Profile:


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