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Open Enrollment April 15 – May 14

Open enrollment for all eligible university faculty and staff employees will run from April 15 through May 14 this year.

It’s your opportunity to make changes to your medical plan or add supplemental coverages for the next medical year beginning July 1, 2010 and running through June 30, 2011.

Options include adding or dropping dependents from your health care plan; buying supplemental life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment insurance; or setting up a flexible spending account. The UA Choice plan allows you to choose between three levels of coverage (deluxe, standard, or economy) or opt out if you have medical insurance from another source.

Your current setup will remain the same if you do nothing - with the exception of flexible spending accounts (those must be redone each year because of IRS regulations).

Open enrollment forms will be available on the Statewide benefits website. Extra forms will be available in the Personnel office or from your department. For questions, call 796- 6473.


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