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Sitka Campus Welcomes New Art Faculty

The UAS Sitka Campus is welcoming new Art Faculty Liz Zacher.

Liz is teaching Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Ceramics (ART 201, 301, and 401) and the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Artist Studio classes (ART 230, 330, and 430).

Liz Zacher was born in 1978 in Bennington, VT and studied Psychology and Fine Arts at The University of Hartford in West Hartford, CT, where in 2001 she received her BFA in Ceramics from The Hartford Art School.  She then worked as an Instructor at The Canton Clay Works in Canton, CT from 2002 to 2003.  From 2003 to 2005, Liz was a Resident Artist at The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, MT.  During this time she was also invited to present a solo exhibition “Pandemic” at The Clay Studio of Missoula.  Liz completed her Graduate studies at Ohio University in Athens, OH in 2008.  She has most recently been included in exhibitions at The Arizona State Museum: Ceramic Research Center in Tempe AZ, The Alaska State Museum in Juneau, AK, and The Tuska Center for Contemporary Art in Lexington, KY.  Her work is part of several permanent collections including The Sandy and Diane Besser Collection in Santa Fe, NM, The Archie Bray Foundation Permanent Collection, in Helena, MT, and The Arizona State University Museum Collection, in Tempe, AZ. She and her husband and son lived in Bend, Oregon before moving to Sitka.


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