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UAS Sitka Harbormaster Program Presents in Korea

200 people in attendance.

Photo during presenationMarian Allen, Professional Training Plus Coordinator and ESL Instructor from UAS Sitka, presented at the 2nd Global Marina Forum in Changwon, South Korea in May 2012. The Korean Sea Grant Program located our training program for harbormasters, which is a partnership with the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers, on the Internet and requested our presence at this event. Our series of 10 courses were developed for professional development under a Title III grant. They provide interactive, asynchronous, online training for harbor employees in many of the skills that those employees need. The Koreans are just developing a marina system in their country. Part of their process is to learn from what other countries have done in this area. Speakers at the forum included people from Japan, Spain, Australia and two other Americans, as well as Koreans. The UAS program was the most interesting to everyone and the feedback from other presenters was that we are on the cutting edge of course development. The Koreans would like to work with us to learn more about our program and the Australians also are interested in taking some of our courses. About 200 people attended the forum.


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