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Sherry Tamone News

Manuscript acceptance and mentoring JSD science fair students

Tamone with JSD science studentsProfessor of Biology Sherry Tamone had a manuscript accepted for publication in General and Comparative Endocrinology:  “Stimulation of molt by RNA interference of the molt-inhibiting hormone in the crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus.”  RR Pamuru,O Rosen, R Manor,SJ Chung, N Zmora, L Glazer, ED Aflalo, S Weil, ASagi SL Tamone.

Four Juneau School District science fair students mentored by Sherry Tamone attended the International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh PA in May 2012.  Erin Gaffney and Sally Paul (pictured with Sherry) presented their work on carbohydrate metabolism in Tanner crab. Amalia Tamone and Arianna Gross presented their work on potential anesthetics for invertebrates, for which they won a $1000 award from the Veterinary Medical Board.


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