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New steps... making it easy
  1. Reserve a room:

Go online For information or to make adjustments to your reservation, email: or call (907) 796-6459

  1. Set up the room:

Contact Facilities Services (796-6496) for table, chair, and other setup needs. Fees may apply.

  1. Arrange technical & media needs:

Contact IT Services (796-6400) for technical assistance or media equipment. Fees may apply.

  1. Arrange catering:

Call for catering: (907) 796-6420 NANA Food Services holds exclusing catering rights to all campus buildings, except the REC Center.

  1. Promote your event:

Required for all events open to the public.
Submit event information to UAS Calendar
Post flyers Flyers on campus must be approved by Activities & Housing
More PR resources Self-service promotional tools


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