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by David Lendrum, Landscape Facilities Services, Juneau campus

This summer was by far the warmest we have experienced since I came to Alaska 30 years ago, and the landscape really flourished under the ideal conditions. We had more color and growth than we ever had, even though we had more construction work and landscape disturbance than ever before too.

This summer we had a few large projects:

Trees being moved to their new homeWe salvaged the large Arborvitaes that lined the old Volleyball lawn across from the Novatney Building, lifting the 18 ft. tall 50 year old trees and placing them on big specially built pallets to carry them around the campus and replant them in the new entry road to create a view buffer as traffic entered the main campus area.

This project was pretty exciting, since the trees had to be lashed to the pallets and guided along the roadway like tame elephants or Macys Parade balloons. Grounds Forman Ray Roberts and his crew were exemplary, managing the task efficiently and smoothly.

Once the trees were in place we built a cage support system to keep them upright and secure from winter winds. The trees are doing nicely so far, and we plan to add a lower layer of blooming shrubbery to make them even more attractive.


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