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SPRING 2014 Streaming Video Schedule

MINL 193

ST: Introduction to Mining Occupations and Operations Mike Bell Mon, Wed 4:15p - 6:00p

BA 374

Introduction to Quantitative Methods Ivan Show Mon* 6:00p - 9:00p

BA 315

Personal Finance Anselm Staack Tue, Thu 5:15p - 6:30p

due to Alaska Civil Rights Day, the BA374 class for the week on Jan. 20th will be on Wednesday 1/22 

University of Alaska Television Network broadcasts original programming throughout the state in order to inspire learning, advance and disseminate knowledge, and emphasize the North and its diverse peoples. The University of Alaska Television Network will be used to inform Alaskans and facilitate and showcase: Academic Accomplishments, Student Achievement, and Public Service. The channel will serve to demonstrate to Alaskan residents and prospective students the accomplishments of the University of Alaska and its impact on the state.