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The UAS Strategic and Assessment Plan 2013-2019 guides the university’s overall direction. Along with our mission, vision, and values, the Plan’s essential structure includes core four themes. These core themes describe the fundamental aspects of UAS’ mission, interpreting and translating them into practice. They serve as organizing principles and strategies for the university.

UAS affirmed the following four core themes:

1. Core Theme: Student Success

- Provide the academic support and student services that facilitate student access and completion of educational goals.

2. Core Theme: Teaching and Learning

- Provide a broad range of programs and services resulting in student engagement and empowerment for academic excellence.

3. Core Theme: Community Engagement

- Provide programs and services that connect with local, state, national, and international entities on programs, events, services, and research that respond to the economic, environmental, social, and cultural needs and resources of Southeast Alaska.

4. Core Theme: Research and Creative Expression

- Provide programs and services that support research, scholarship, and creative expression by faculty and students.

On the companion Strategic Plan pages, each core theme is described in greater detail, including explanations of how the core themes will be accomplished (objectives), evaluated (indicators), and reports on our performance.