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Research & Creative Expression

Situated in the majestic natural environment of Southeast Alaska, UAS faculty and students have ample opportunities to be involved in research and creative expression. Faculty routinely integrate their research directly into their classrooms; building a strong tie between scholarly engagement and student learning impacts. This approach is an integral part of the UAS experience and a niche UAS has carved for itself within the state. UAS also honors the pursuit of pure research and the value it brings to faculty academic and professional development.

Research &



Provide programs and services that support research, scholarship, and creative expression by faculty and students.


Faculty and students are engaged in research, scholarship, and creative expression.
Research, scholarship, and creative expression informs learning.

Theme in Action

Research at UAS is cool! It’s happening everywhere. Whether in the chemistry lab, the ceramics studio, out on the glacier, or in the office – faculty and students are innovating in their fields. The Tongass National Forest and the environment of Southeast Alaska serve as a natural laboratory and creative muse.

For example, climate science research is at the forefront of our Natural Sciences department. Faculty have been conducting glacier research, studying the effects of glaciers and climate change on Southeast Alaska; work that has implications for our community and around the world. They have also been working in conjunction with the Alaska Department Fish and Game and the National Marine Fisheries Service to predict the effects of climate change on the fishing industry.

Career Education faculty in the construction field are collaborating with local industry on technological innovations. For example UAS has led development of cold weather construction technology for residential and commercial applications.

Social Science faculty are working to preserve Alaska Native language and culture. UAS is the only university in the world that teaches the Tlingit and Haida languages, and our faculty are working to translate literary works into written Tlingit.

Students are woven into all these initiatives. Research informs the learning process but also often involves students directly. Many UAS students have contributed to published research before completing their undergraduate degrees, and some have even been co-authors of peer-reviewed articles. UAS is proud of the opportunities it provides for students of all levels and disciplines to participate in research and creative expression.