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Student Success

A fundamental aspect of UAS’ mission is the core theme of student success. It highlights the importance UAS places in providing its students access to the academic supports they need to succeed, regardless of their physical location (campus-based or online) or whether they are pursuing workforce training, undergraduate or graduate degrees, or simply seeking opportunities for lifelong learning. UAS translates student success into practice through a defined set of objectives. Read below for details on these objectives and the student success theme in action.



Provide the academic support and student services that facilitate student access and completion of educational goals.


ACCESS Culturally and socioeconomically diverse students are provided ready access to educational opportunities and safe environments.
SUPPORT Students are supported by an inclusive university community.
SUCCESS Students successfully complete educational goals.

Theme in Action

Being located in Southeast Alaska, in the middle of the Tongass National Forest, offers UAS students many amazing opportunities. They can study environmental science at the only university in the United States next to glacial watersheds; marine biology in a place where humpback whales, sea lions, and fish congregate in mass; and art or English literature in the footsteps of John Muir.

UAS students are enabled to be as diverse as the state of Alaska. Our programs are designed for all types of students – high school, transfer, technical/trade, degree-seeking, professional development, and lifelong learners – and their unique educational goals. UAS provides everything necessary for students to succeed: an environment conducive to learning, easy access to professors and resources, and opportunities to practice.

An Environment Conducive to Learning

Our environment is JUST PLAIN WILD! Eagles glide overhead, bears inhabit the forest and our yards, and rainy mists and rain boots are a part of everyday life. The communities of Southeast Alaska balance modern life with the natural environment - you can ski or catch a fish between classes, take in the symphony or a native dance performance, and bike to a glacier from your dorm.

Like the communities of Southeast Alaska, the communities on each of the university’s three campuses – Juneau, Ketchikan, and Sitka – are closely knit. Our campus environments are designed to be conducive to learning. UAS provides opportunities for students to collaborate (student housing, libraries, and learning centers), stay physically and mentally fit (recreation center, student activities, counseling services, and a health center), and be academically challenged.

Easy Access to Professors and Resources

Our small class sizes allow for more personalized learning and hands on instruction.  All of our courses are taught by professors, never teaching assistants, and as Alaska’s premier e-learning institution, all students have easy access to professors regardless of physical location. Additionally Alaska, as one of 12 states participating in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), provides WUE students access to many undergraduate programs at reduced tuition.

To support our students academically, we provide them the human, financial, technological, and academic resources necessary to succeed. Academic advising, career services, placement testing, financial aid assistance, and library facilities are available for both local and distance students year round.

Opportunities to Practice

At UAS, we recognize that a quality education requires experience outside of the classroom. To master your trade, you need opportunities to practice, to explore, and to play – UAS provides just that! Our students regularly intern with industry and government, conduct undergraduate research and independent study, work on campus, present public forums and performances, and host art exhibitions.

Exploration and practice help you discover the path to your future. Your journey begins at UAS!