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Teaching & Learning

Because of its small size and location, UAS is uniquely placed to excel at offering high quality, student-centered educational opportunities that build on its faculty and environmental assets. The teaching and learning core theme focuses on UAS’ emphasis in providing faculty with supports which enable them to provide quality instruction and students with opportunities to work closely with faculty, engage in undergraduate research, and build portfolios of products arising from these experiences. Read below for details on this theme’s objectives and the theme in action.


& Learning

Provide a broad range of programs and services resulting in student engagement and empowerment for academic excellence.


Students are provided relevant programs and services, ranging from community college-level to graduate level.
Students demonstrate academic excellence in learning.
Teaching and learning are conducted and supported by highly qualified faculty and staff through hiring, comprehensive performance review, professional development, and continuous improvement practices.
Programs and services make effective and efficient use of available resources.

Theme in Action

At UAS it’s all about teaching and learning!  UAS offers a broad spectrum of academic programs and services to meet student and employer needs. They are provided by qualified faculty and staff who focus on student learning outcomes and core competencies, which are designed to prepare students for employment and community involvement. UAS leverages its internal resources with community partners to enhance teaching and learning experiences at UAS.

Because UAS serves students with a broad range of educational goals, from general education and workforce development through baccalaureate and graduate degrees, UAS provides the personalized assistance needed for every student to succeed. Some examples are: remedial math and English courses, industry internships, and undergraduate research opportunities (URECA and EPSCoR awards, REU).  

The quality of our academic programs is ensured by regular program reviews and faculty evaluations. UAS commits a significant amount of resources to quality assurance.