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NY Times Reporter Andrew Revkin, Brings the Frontlines of Climate Change to UAS

Juneau, Alaska

Do you have a scientific, pseudoscientific, quasi-scientific, or non-scientific-but-funny theory that could bring us a deeper appreciation of how research helps us understand the world? Then come Downtown to the Silverbow Inn on Thurs., Sept. 20 at 7 pm for the Theory Slam.

Competitors will have three minutes to present their theories to an audience of judges. A panel of science experts from UAS will also be on hand to discuss the plausibility and creativity of theories, as well as how the process of scientific research helps us to understand the world.

Bring your theories on how the fall in the number of pirates has increased global warming, your ideas on the spontaneous generation of bellybutton lint, or what might happen if you raise tuna fish on mayonnaise and celery.

The first prize theory wins $25 and a fancy hat. Additional prizes will be awarded. Come show the genius inside you!

Press Release Contact

Lisa Hoferkamp
UAS Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(907) 796-6538
Kevin Myers
University of Alaska Southeast
(907) 796-6530