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UAS Evening at Egan Presents: The Sarah Palin Phenomenon: An Alaska, National and International Perspective, Egan Lecture Hall, Friday, October 29, 7:00 p.m.

Juneau, Alaska

Clive Thomas"Enigmatic and, to some, charismatic, Palin is also very divisive and emblematic of contemporary conflicts in American politics." –Clive Thomas, UAS Professor of Political Science.

Since 2008 UAS Professor of Political Science Clive Thomas has been giving talks on "the enigmatic fascination with Palin and what she tells us about American politics," around the United States and internationally.  He has given talks on Sarah Palin in eight countries. Now, he brings his analysis and observations of what he calls, "the Sarah Palin phenomenon" to the University of Alaska Southeast.  This talk considers what the rise to "stardom" of Sarah Palin reveals about contemporary Alaska and particularly national political views, and the Washington D.C.-Hollywood image of American politics that she reinforces around the world.

At least one journalist asks, "Is Thomas the world's first Palinologist?" (Amanda Silverman, The New Republic).

Thomas has taught political science at UAJ/UAS since 1981.  He runs the university's statewide legislative internship program, has published extensively on Alaska politics, state politics, political parties and interest groups, and does political consulting in the United States and abroad.

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Clive S. Thomas
UAS Professor of Political Science