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Visit Eastern Europe this Summer and Start your MBA or MPA

Juneau, AK

An intriguing graduate class is open for those currently enrolled in MBA or MPA programs or anyone thinking about starting a graduate program at UAS. This class is also open for senior undergraduate students with instructor permission and to UAS alumni. The instructor for this class is Dr. Yuliya V. Ivanova, whose bilingual and bicultural background will add extra benefits to this course.

On June 22-27, 2010 you will find yourself in beautiful 1500 year old Kiev (Ukraine) working together with Eastern European International MBA students on the topic “Cross-Cultural Competencies: Building Trust and Cooperation.” For five days of intensive work you will discuss the topics of business and political environments, cross-cultural differences, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership in multicultural environments. You will not only study how to deal with challenges of cross-cultural communications, you will practice its skills in real-life situations and role plays, benefiting from a supportive environment of graduate classes.

In your free time, you will enjoy a city tour that includes Saint Vladimir's Cathedral with its breathtaking mosaics designed by masters from Venice, Italy. You will see Independence Square in central Kiev where at the huge column on top stands the Arch Angel Mikhail, the patron saint of Kiev; your tour will include a visit to Saint Sophia Cathedral. You will climb the steps to the Bell Tower for a panoramic view over Kiev and see the many Golden Domes on the horizon. The tour will take you to Saint Andrews Cathedral built in the year 752. The church stands on a hill overlooking the Dnipro River and is listed as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.  Also visit Saint Michaels Cathedral, Golden Gate and see the many parks in Kiev with the peoples Friendship Arch with a viewing deck over the Dnipro River.

The deadline for registration is May 3.

The UAS MBA is an online program, relevant to Alaskan industries, and tailored to the needs of the practicing manager. It leads to a master’s degree in business administration, with a focus on service management.  New cohorts start with a three-day seminar Juneau Aug. 14-16, 2010. Juneau seminar costs, including travel, are paid for by UAS.  The UAS MBA program can be completed part-time in two years or full-time in one year.  Classes start in early September.  More information is available at

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