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There is a lot to learn about being a college student. We've put together some guides to help make it a bit easier.

First-Year Student Checklist: a month by month guide of academic tools and resources to utilize in your first year and beyond.

Four Year Checklist: a year by year guide to set yourself up for a successful launch upon graduation

Graduation: before you go here are some things to think about

Academic Advising Planner: a guide to help you navigate and understand academics within the School of Arts and Sciences and UAS

Academic and Personal Support Referrals

Academic Support Resources

Are you finding yourself struggling in the classroom? Not doing as well as you would like? There are many resources available to you that can help you reach your goals.

Specialized Support Referrals

Personal and family concerns can affect your ability to be successful in the classroom. There are many resources available to help you be effective personally and academically. 

Navigating College

Academic Support

Major and Career Exploration

Learning about Learning

Learning How to Learn a Coursera course. Coursera offers free online classes from top universities and educational organizations.

How we learn - Synapses and Neural Pathways

IQ is not the only predictor of student success

The grit scale assessment. 


Disclaimer: This GPA Calculator was designed for the University of Alaska Southeast grading system. These calculations should be considered your unofficial GPA at the University of Alaska Southeast.

How to calculate estimated semester GPA:

  1. Enter estimated grade, e.g. A, B+, C-, and the number of credit hours for each course.
  2. If you have additional courses to include, click “add course”.
  3. The estimated semester GPA will appear automatically after the grade and credits of each class have been entered.
  4. Your GPA will be shown at the bottom of the table.

Note: if there are any errors in your submission, the row in the table will be highlighted in red and not included in the calculation.

Letter GradeCourse Credits
Course {{ $index + 1 }}
Grade Point Average{{ gpa | number: 2 }}

Academic Standings

Good Standing
A student is in good academic standing when they have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher and a recent semester grade point of average of 2.00 or higher. First-semester students are presumed to be in academic good standing during their initial semester unless the student has been admitted on probationary status.
Academic Warning
Any time a student’s semester GPA drops below a 2.00.
Academic Probation
A student’s cumulative and/or semester GPA drop below 2.00. A student can only be removed from probation status by raising their cumulative GPA to a 2.00 within one semester after being placed on probation.
Academic Program Removal
Any student who remains on academic probation for two consecutive semesters of attendance will be removed from their degree program. An application free for readmission will not be required. If a student’s cumulative GPA is less than a 2.00, they earn a semester GPA above a 2.00, the university will recognize the student’s attempt to reach academic good standing and the student will continue on probation until both the semester and cumulative GPAs are above a 2.00.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks has several helpful GPA calculators.

Questions about academic standing? Contact the Registrar's Office at 907-796-6100


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