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Launch your career with practical skills and a solid foundation in business.

Business Administration courses and degree programs provide an avenue for immediate business administration employment and for advancement to upper levels of business management.

The Department of Business and Public Administration business courses are designed to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in business, industry, governmental and non-profit organizations, and graduate study. A business degree from the UAS School of Management opens doors to job opportunities and career advancement.

  • Manager
  • Business Executive
  • Health Service Administrator

$52,250 to $82,270 per year with a bachelor's degree

BBA Program Sheet

Melissa Jensen, Associate of Applied Science, Business

Melissa Jensen, Associate of Applied Science, Business

"I love the smaller class sizes UAS offers. I always felt if I had questions or needed help the professor would know who I was and would be able to help me."

Financial Institutions, O.E.

The Financial Institutions Occupational Endorsement provides training for individuals who want to advance in the banking and credit union fields. Students entering the program may already be working in or just entering the field and want further training for career advancement. Other students may have no experience in banking and want to explore this field as a possible career change.

Financial Institutions, Occupational Endorsement Program Sheet

Endorsement Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Small Business Management Certificate

The Small Business Management Certificate program is designed to provide education in business theory and the practical applications necessary for owners, managers, and employees of small business firms. Students develop technical and human relations skills necessary for the business environment. This one-year degree program prepares students for a wide range of entry-level positions in private industry, business, and government organizations. It may also be the first year of training towards the two-year Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration or the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Certificate Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Associate of Applied Science: Business Administration

The Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration educates students in the fundamentals, principles, techniques, and skills essential to the theory and effective practice of business. With a broad-based business foundation in accounting and economics as well as intense study in the fields of marketing, management, or business administration, this two-year program is designed to prepare you academically for admission to a bachelor degree program or for employment upon graduation in a variety of positions in the business community.

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program develops a student's intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of core business courses and general education requirements. Core courses in key business competencies provide a strong foundation for which emphasis areas in accounting, human resources, management, and MIS allow you to tailor your degree towards your academic and career goals.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program prepares students for positions of leadership and responsibility in various business and management disciplines in the private and public sector. Graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program understand the unique leadership qualities required to manage business functions and find successful employment in positions ranging from business manager and sales representative to production supervisor and project planner.

Choose an emphasis area in:

  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • MIS - Management Information Systems

BBA Program Sheet

Degree Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Business Minor

The required courses in the Business minor are designed to provide non-business majors with a broad introduction to business disciplines, terminology, and career opportunities.

Minor Requirements

Please refer to the academic catalog for a complete list of course requirements.

Take a Class

The Department of Business and Public Administration courses feature practitioner-oriented instruction with a focus on concepts and skills that you can apply to your current career immediately. 

Whether you are seeking professional development, considering a career change, or just interested in learning something new, UAS welcomes all students interested in taking a class.

UAS is an open enrollment institution, this means that you do not have to be in a UAS degree program to take a class. Anyone can take our classes as long as they meet the course pre-requisites.

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Classes: BA Spring 2020

Helps students improve proficiency with basic math skills and apply mathematical concepts (fractions, decimals, and percentages) to business situations. Covers payroll, taxes, insurance, simple interest, compound interest, installment purchasing, annuities, depreciation, financial statements and ratio analysis, stocks, bonds and profit distribution and, business statistics.

Schedule information for CRN: 32788, Section: JD1
32788JD1Timothy Powers Sr

Business organization, nature of major business functions such as management, finance, accounting, marketing and personnel administration. Opportunities and requirements for professional business careers.

Schedule information for CRN: 32789, Section: J01
32789J01Michael Boyer
Schedule information for CRN: 32790, Section: JD1
32790JD1Michael Boyer

Allows students to explore various techniques for developing effective management skills. Personal skills, interpersonal skills, group skills, and communication skills will be explored. Diagnostic tools, discussion, reflection, self-analysis, and skill practice will be the primary learning methods used. The main objective is for students to develop a personalized plan for professional improvement.

Schedule information for CRN: 32791, Section: JD1
32791JD1Haley Johnson

Applies techniques of written and oral communications to business situations requiring problem solving and an understanding of human relations. Topics include written communications (letters, memoranda, and reports), oral communications (one-on-one and small group interactions and oral presentations), listening skills, nonverbal communications, and communication technology.

Schedule information for CRN: 32794, Section: JD1
32794JD1Elizabeth Hoffman

Prerequisite: BA S163 or WRTG S111 (C or better) or Business English placement test.

Survey of the basics of management. Synthesis of the traditional and contemporary quantitative and behavioral approaches to the subject of management.

Schedule information for CRN: 32795, Section: JD1
32795JD1Kristy Smith

Explores the role of information systems in various business contexts from a managerial perspective. Examines ways to improve business processes and decision-making through the use of information systems. Practical application of fundamental principles is emphasized.

Schedule information for CRN: 32796, Section: JD1
32796JD1Colleen McKenna

Prerequisite: CIS S235 or CIS S240 (C- 1.70 or better).

Stacked with CIS S310.

Intensive analysis of the methods of financial planning and control, asset management, and other functions performed by the financial executive.

Schedule information for CRN: 32797, Section: JD1
32797JD1Dorothy Mackenzie

Prerequisite: ACCT S202 (C- 1.70 or better).

This course examines business in its relation to the legal and judicial systems and to government regulation. It explores legal concepts and issues pertaining to competition, sales, employees, liabilities and forms of doing business.

Schedule information for CRN: 32798, Section: JD1
32798JD1Michael Boyer

Role of marketing in society and economy; the business firm as a marketing system; management of the firm's marketing effort.

Schedule information for CRN: 32799, Section: JD1
32799JD1Haley Johnson

Introduces basic statistical methods used in business decision making. Probability functions common in business applications, descriptive statistics, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, sampling methods and sampling error, regression and analysis of variance. Focus is on application, including Excel and SPSS, and on using results for decisions.

Schedule information for CRN: 32800, Section: JD1
32800JD1Jeffery Caneen

Prerequisite: MATH S151.

Management of operations, production, service system with emphasis on quantitative analysis. Characteristics of systems, types of production and service, forecasting, scheduling, facility design, and other topics in operations management will be covered. Quantitative techniques include linear, integer and goal programming as forecasting and queuing models.

Schedule information for CRN: 32801, Section: JD1
32801JD1Kristy Smith

Prerequisite: MATH S151 (C- 1.70 or better); and BA S374 or STAT S200.

This course will substitute for BA S461.

Schedule information for CRN: 36193, Section: JD1
36193JD1Charla Brown

Prerequisite: BA S361.

In-depth examination of business policy and strategy. This course integrates the competencies and knowledge from the business disciplines and functional viewpoints into a comprehensive strategic planning and implementation process using a series of case studies and business simulation. Designed as the capstone course for senior B.B.A. students, intended to be taken during the final semester.

Schedule information for CRN: 32802, Section: JD1
32802JD1Kristy Smith

Prerequisite: BA S301, BA S325, BA S343, and either STAT S200 or BA S374 (all C- 1.70 or better).

Explores research-based competencies recommended for success as an HR professional. Examines various HR functions in the context of strategic planning, talent management, total rewards, and business trends. Reviews the evolution of HR, and allows for personal reflection and application. Designed as the culminating course for senior B.B.A. students in the Human Resource Management emphasis, intended to be taken during the final semester.

Schedule information for CRN: 32803, Section: JD1
32803JD1Charla Brown

Prerequisite: BA S361 (C 2.0 or better).

A holistic approach to project management: planning, scheduling, organizing, and controlling projects. Primary class emphasis is on project management process and tools, which are becoming increasingly more important in today's competitive marketplace.

Schedule information for CRN: 32804, Section: JD1
32804JD1Colleen McKenna

Prerequisite: MATH S151 or higher (C- 1.70 or better).

Provides a comprehensive look at managing change within organizations using one basic change model. Examines practical techniques and tactics to facilitate the implementation of any strategy and/or program requiring change. Prepares participants to be effective change agents in personal and professional settings.

Schedule information for CRN: 32805, Section: JD1
32805JD1Charla Brown

Prerequisite: BA S301. Corequisite: BA S351. Recommended: BA S476.

Policy decisions and governmental regulations affecting business as well as the social responsibility of business in society.

Schedule information for CRN: 32806, Section: JD1
32806JD1Jeffery Caneen

Prerequisite: ECON S201 or ECON S202 (C- 1.70 or better).

Investigate the essential techniques of the research process in the context of business issues to include defining a research problem, designing a business research project, referencing research literature, and evaluating research papers. Designed for senior B.B.A. students and intended to be taken during the final year of the B.B.A. program.

Schedule information for CRN: 32808, Section: JD1
32808JD1Kristy Smith

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