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Alice Taff

Language Projects of Alice Taff

Deg Xinag
  (Deg Xit’an, Deg Hit’an, or Ingalik, international code = ing)

Deg Xiyan’ Xidhoy: Stories from Just Around Here

About Deg Xiyan' Xidhoy

Ellen Savage Xidhoy: Ellen's stories

Hannah Maiillelle Xidhoy: Hannah's stories

Edna Deacon Xidhoy: Edna's stories

Deg Xinag Ałixi Ni’elyoy: The local language is gathered together. External link to Online audio learners' dictionary.

Tlingit (international code = tli)

Tlingit Conversation videos with Tlingit/English subtitles.

Unangam Tunuu (Aleut Language, international code = ale)

Unangam Tunuu conversations External Link to 50 hours of conversation videos.


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