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Humanities Minor Options

If a course is a requirement of both the major and the minor, a student may use the course to meet both requirements but will not receive double credit. The same discipline may not be used to satisfy the major and the minor (i.e. English major and English minor do not make a degree).

Alaska Native Studies »

Explore an interdisciplinary curriculum in Alaska Native cultures, history, and perspectives.

Creative Writing »

The minor in creative writing is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to write poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction.

English Literature »

The minor in English Literature is designed to provide students with a broad overview of English and American literature.

Minor in Northwest Coast Art at UAS »

Study Northwest Coast Art and its origins in Alaska Native cultures, history, and perspectives.

Philosophy »

The minor in philosophy allows students to focus their philosophical study in order to develop their skills and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and their world. Students completing the minor will gain a general knowledge of the history of philosophy and the major topics with which philosophers have been concerned.

Spanish »

This minor is designed to provide students with a full grammatical understanding of the language, plus a good handle on techniques for reading and writing, in addition to good command of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. This program will stress active speaking and comprehension.

Tlingit Language »

The minor in Tlingit is designed to provide students with an appreciation of the unique nature of the language, and with basic ability to communicate in culturally relevant settings, read and write the standard orthography, and understand the fundamental grammatical concepts used in linguistic analysis of Tlingit.


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