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How to Apply

All BLA students begin by completing a degree application through UAS Admissions

Admission into the BLA Degree Program

Students may be admitted to the Liberal Arts major after accumulating 24 university credits at the 100-level or above, including ENG 111 Methods of Written Communication and MATH 151 College Algebra or STAT 107 Introduction to Statistics (or completion of MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra with co-enrollment in MATH 151 or STAT 107 upon admission). Transfer and returning students may have already completed these requirements.

The reasons for these admission requirements are two-fold. First, the best indicator of student success at university is a demonstrated track record of course completion, supported by the skills of written expression and analytical thinking.  Second, taking a variety of courses as a premajor provides students with a basis for selecting which academic disciplines they might pursue in their Liberal Arts Major.


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