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What is the Bachelor of Liberal Arts?

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts (BLA) is a comprehensive undergraduate program in interdisciplinary studies at UAS. The BLA provides students with a focused yet flexible course of study in the Humanities with additional study options in Math, Natural Science, and Social Science. Open to all students wishing to pursue an under-graduate degree, the BLA is particularly well suited to students who have completed an Associates degree, transfer students from other universities, and returning students with previously completed university credits.

Students consult with faculty in their areas of interest to pursue interdisciplinary or individualized courses of study. The Liberal Arts degree can lead to graduate school or to careers in which critical thinking and communication skills are valued. BLA graduates who are interested in teaching may pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Elementary Education, Special Education, or the one-year Secondary Education program at UAS. Some students may find their academic interests lead them to pursue graduate studies or professional training.

The UAS Bachelor of Liberal Arts program has been listed among the best integrative studies programs in the country by in conjunction with the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies.

Explore the navigation tabs on this site to discover how earning a BLA might benefit you, learn  about how the degree is organized and the options available within Liberal Arts major, how to apply, and how to receive general advising.

Bachelor of Liberal Arts
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